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Close-out from gap

On a pass from coach to attacker 1, defender 2 closes out from a gap position, forces middle or baseline or plays straight up as coach requires, optionally mirrors any ball movement or reacts to foot fakes (e.g., pop off).
- coach drives and kicks to 1, 2 helps and closes out
- 1 passes back to coach, 2 sprints back to a gap position, closes out on another pass to 1.
Ben Jacobson - closing out from a gap position on a pass from the top to the wing, use a proper angle of approach, get underneath the ball (first step toward the baseline), then approach head on.
Jim Boone - 2's first step is baseline, a straight closeout provides a baseline drive.
Stuart Manwaring - on a closeout you must recover to the line between the ball and the basket and ahead of the ball, so you can stop a layup then move forward as needed to stop an outside shot. If you try to move toward the dribbler, he will explode past or you will be forced to foul.

Rotate defender to attacker, 2 becomes the next attacker when 1 passes back to coach.

3 closes out when coach passes to 2.

Vary player and coach positions, e.g., close-out on a pass out top.

See Huggins, Continuous, Spurs and Weakside close-outs, Izzo jump to the ball, and 1 on 1 stops.
- absorb a jab step
- react to ball up, ball down
- contain 1-2 dribbles left or right.

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