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Procopio game shots

Mike Procopio

Warm-up jump shots for perimeter and post players. Right-handers free up their right foot, left-handers free up their left foot.

a) Elbow jump shots

Shooters follow their pass, jump stop facing the passer, 2 opens up with a front pivot on his left foot if right-handed, or an inside pivot if left-handed (reverse pivot on his right foot). On the other side, 1 inside pivots if right-handed, front pivots if left-handed. Every player needs to be able to make elbow jump shots.

Stay on one side for one minute, then switch sides. Jump as high as you can, shooting elbow as high as your eyebrows.
(Variation - front pivot on both sides, then inside pivot)
Basketball WA - high-post moves
- McHale - reverse pivot to square up and play (the defender steps off)
- Worthy - spin (front pivot) on the outside foot (defender heavy contact in back, can head and shoulder fake opposite)
- Drop step - to the basket (defender caught on one side).

b) Corner jump shots

Cut up to the block, back-pedal off the inside foot (fade) for a 12-15 foot shot.

c) Dribble handoffs

Shooters start in the corners, 4 and 5 pass out top, follow, jump stop, open up on their permanent pivot foot, dribble handoff, 1 and 2 take one-dribble middle into jump shots (don't move until the ballhandler dribbles at you). 4 and 5 are the next shooters.
See Shooting - Dribble hand-offs.

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