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Dribble hand-offs

See Dribble Handoffs (Mike McNeill)

a) 5 passes to 2 who immediately drives inside the arc towards where 1's defender would be. 1 drags the arc to make sure the hand-off is below the foul line, goes tight by 2's shoulder. 2 makes a short toss to 1, who curls for a shot. In a game, 1 reads that his defender is going to run into the screen and 2's defender is not in a position to help. 2 could pop after the handoff, or roll with an open post.
Progression - 1 takes one dribble and hits 2 rolling to the basket.

Doug Novak - 1 can attack baseline.

b) After passing to 2, 5 gets a pass from 3 and drives towards 4, who backcuts for a bounce pass and lay-up when he reads that his defender is trying to get over the screen or between 4 and 5.


- the lines don't pass to each other (2 has a ball to start)- add guided defenders
- cutters blast cut from the corners.
David Faucher - runaround - if a defender between 4 and 5 prevents a hand-off, 4 should go around 5 then cut to the basket for an overhead or bounce pass.

Lason Perkins - from the top of the key, dribble at a wing for a backcut layup, also dribble up from a corner for a wing backcut.

Paul Hewitt - use dribble handoffs on the perimeter, if someone dribbles at you, you can instead backcut to a post-up if the block is open (then the low post on the other side gets out), or go backdoor if a defender gets in the passing lane to take away the dribble handoff.

Coach K - dribble screen for a handoff against teams that contest the pass.

Don Kelbick - if the ball is dribbled at you, go backdoor or take a dribble handoff.

Rick Torbett - backcut on a speed dribble at you, handoff on a crab dribble, a big can handoff then roll to a post-up.

Mike McNeill - the dribble handoff is another version of ballscreen, and is effective for a perimeter big who does not shoot well (especially if his defender sags off), and as pressure release.

John Carrier - backcut, shallow cut, or the dribbler sets a Euro screen - jump stop and pivot 180 degrees to set a butt screen for the player getting the handoff.

Lawrence Frank - freeze action - dribble at your teammate and dump the ball off as you screen his man, don't move after you release the ball, stay in a fixed position blocking the defender.

goxavier.com - also dribble hand-off from the wings up to the guard spots, hand off for shots (turn to butt screen), then one-dribble pull-ups.

Jaime McLean - use an outside pivot foot when getting a dribble hand-off (to turn the corner).

Coach Nick - use an outside-inside (stride) stop to make a dribble pitch, protect the ball with your back, toss it up using both wrists.

1 and 4 rebound their shots and switch lines, 2 and 5 are the next cutters.

c) 2 stops behind the screener for a hand-off and shoots, reading that his defender is going under the screener (if his defender comes out from under the screen, 2 drives opposite).

d) 6 turns the corner for a lay-up, reading that 5's defender is trying to get over the screen and 6's defender is stepping out to help on the hand-off. (6 will take 5's place, 5 switch lines with the ball.)

Doug Partridge -  Building a Halfcourt Offence - shoot if the defender goes under a DHO, or flip (twist) the screen, re-use it and go baseline. If defenders switch a DHO, look to snake it back to the rim (like a split).

Ian MacKinnon - 3-man dribble weave to a layup, work both sides.

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