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Lee Rose guards

Lee Rose

Divide the guards into two teams of three players, each with a ball. Players on each team will pass to a coach out top, cut for a return pass, shoot, and rebound. Play until one teams make 5 consecutive or 10 total shots, then change sides or change the shot.
See Shooting - Lee Rose pre-game.

a) Baseline curl (shown)
Brenda Frese - guard tight curls for jumpers.

Curl for a 10-12 foot shot.

b) Baseline fade

Against a defender who shoots the gap, fake the curl and fade to the corner (off the inside foot.
Progression - work on an inside, outside and permanent pivot foot series, see Shooting - Pitt sweep series, Mike Procopio wing, Procopio game shots, and Footwork - Jay Wright jab-swing series, also Shooting - 5star cutting.

c) Up the middle

Pass to coach on the wing, jab step as if running a curl, run up the middle to the foul line, pivot on the foot closest to coach for a pass and shot.

Option - one-dribble pull-up, or dribble crossover shot.

See Shooting - Bill Self perimeter.

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