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Dribble-drive 1-2-3 set

2-on-0 dribble-drive shooting from a 1-2-3 set, with point-guards out top, corners filled. Alternate drives and passes to the corner players. Use both baskets with a full team.

Progression - 1-2-4 set, move to the other guard spot.

Basic options

- backcut
- kickup (lift)
- kickup-throwback (shoot, give and go)
- skip pass to a player lifted out of a corner.

See Layups -
Vance Walberg drop, Drop and drag, Shooting - Calipari two-ball, Dribble-drive.

Here 1 and 2 go first, 2 backcuts for a pass, 1 replaces 2.

2 rebounds and goes out top, 4 and 3 go next, continue.
Billy Lange - 3 can backdoor for a bounce pass, or cut in front of X3's nose.


a) Corner kick-outs

1 drives and kicks the ball to 2 in the corner, clears to the other corner.
Variation (Doug Novak) - 1 dives to post up, then replaces 2 (in a game, 1 exits if 2 drives middle or baseline).

Option - start with another player behind 2.

Mike Lee - Drive-kick drills - 1 gets to the elbow, makes a corner kick for a 3.

Nate Oats - Kickdown - X2 helps early, before 1 gets to the elbow he makes a simple pass to the corner.

Tony Bergeron - if 2 is a big he drives middle for a pull-up jumper.
Marc Hart - on a corner catch, shoot or pass.
See Offence - Novak dribble-drive, Shooting - 5star dribble-drive.

4 goes next with 3, here drives deeper, then clears to the other corner.

b) Early skip passes

On a skip pass to the corner from the drop zone, 1 clears opposite.

Liam Flynn -
Drive-kick-clear part 1 - 1 passes to 2 in the weakside corner then clears to the other corner, or 2 makes a shape cut out to the wing extended, 1 passes and clears to the ballside corner (and can get a return pass).

4 goes next with 3.
Skip passes, corner kicks, and kickup-throwbacks can generate 3-point shots (also passes back out on drives from the top, see Calipari two-ball).
Progression - add a player in the 4-spot, start with a kickback (pitch), alternate a corner skip to the 3-spot with a corner kick to the 2-spot (or a kickup or "quick" pass and clear weakside), continue, switch sides.
See Calipari Second drives, Matt Bollant Quick, Mads Olesen Quick (call for the corner to elevate).

For 3-on-0 combination shooting (players rotate positions), see Shooting - Dribble-drive 3 on 0 (1-2-3 series), Oakland 3-ball, Ouse drive and kick chaos, e.g. 1-3 kickup to drop 2.
Complement with 1-4 and 1-5 series.up

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