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For dribble-drive shooting progressions with different player positions, see Shooting

- Dribble-drive 2 on 0
- Dribble-drive 3 on 0
- Dribble-drive 4 on 0

Players rotate spots, optionally bigs rotate in from the baseline. Regular scoring (3s and 2s), optionally 1 point for a finish at the rim.

For 5 on 0 (shown), finish with a pass to 5, e.g.

- cleaning up or relocating
- drop zone duck in or tee-up
- posting on a skip pass or corner throw-back.

Here 5 ducks in when 4 drives to drop 2.

Walberg - 1 passes to 4 and holds, 3 elevates for a pass and gets it inside to 5, or optionally drives middle.

See Fundamentals - Dribble-drive drills, Offence - Dribble-drive basics, Fast break - Dribble-drive 5-on-0, 6-cycle dribble-drive, Tactics - Matt Bollant dribble-drive, Dribble-drive continuity, Dribble-drive quick-swing.up

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