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Dribble-drive quick-swing

4-on-0 continuous dribble-drive pass-and-cut series (swing, quick), adding kickbacks and kickups. Pass-and-cut progressions:

Swing series
- swing-swing
- swing-quick
- swing-quick-kickback
- swing-kickup
Quick series
- quick-swing
- quick-kickback-swing
Kickup series
- kickup-throwback
- kickup-swing.

Progression - add 5.

See Offences - Kentucky dribble-drive, Dribble-drive basics, Fast Break - Calipari swing series, also Tactics - Matt Bollant dribble-drive, Dribble-drive motion, 4 on 0 kick-out.
Option - new players continuously rotate in from the baseline, see Tactics - Dribble-drive continuity.

1) Swing series

a) Swing-swing

1 reverses the ball to 4 and corner cuts, 4 has a triple gap to attack.

John Calipari - 1 passes to 4 and cuts through the elbow to the corner, 3 lifts. 1 reads whether to pop back out if 4 drives left (see below).

Ettore Messina - players should be square as they catch and make their move immediately or give it back up - shoot, drive, make one shot fake if unsure what to do, then pass if nothing is available.

Variation - 1 passes to 4, cuts to the basket (a through cut), then reads the play, e.g. exit opposite a drive, or replace 3 if 4 passes to 2 or 3 (see below).

Olesen - it's a general rule that when you pass the ball on the perimeter, cut through to the basket and out the other side of penetration.

2 gives 4 a two-count then cuts up for a pass, 4 corner cuts.

Continue with a 2-3 swing and corner or through cut.up

b) Swing-quick

1-4 swing and cut, 3 gets open on eye contact (or 4 calls his name), 4 hits the wing and goes all the way through, 2 lifts.

3 would look to attack middle (or use a 1-3-5 triangle to make a post entry).
Progression - 3 can pass to 1 in the corner, see Kickup series.

3 dribbles out, 2 lifts for a swing pass, 3 cuts, continue with 2-4 quick.

Progression - 2 moves over on a two-count, 3 passes out top, 2 swings the ball to 4 (see Quick-swing).up

c) Swing-quick-kickback

1-4 swing into a 4-3 quick.

3 drives middle, 2 kicks back for a pass, 3 replaces 2.

Option - 4 can kick up, then 3 would replace 4 in the corner.

2-3 swing into a 3-4 quick, then continue with a 4-1 kickback and 1-4 swing.

Progression - 4 can drive middle for a kickback, or dribble out for a 4-1 swing (or wait for 1 to move over for a pass).up

d) Swing-kickup

1 passes to 4 and cuts, 4 drives for a kickup to 3, 1 reads it and pops out top (Calipari) or exits opposite (Olesen, shown).

Swing the ball into a kickup on the other side, here 3 reads it and pops back out.

- use a swing or kickback-swing to reverse the ball
- 1 can pass to 2 in the corner (a throwback), see Kickup series
- swing the ball into a 2-1 kickup or quick, read the play
- 2 can run a kickup with 4.up

2) Quick series

2 gets open, 1 hits the wing and goes all the way through, 3 lifts.

In a game, 2 looks to attack baseline or middle.

Olesen - on a quick or kickup, 2 looks to shoot/attack first, skip second, a pass back to the top is the last option.

Variation - 1-4 kickback into a 4-2 quick (Calipari).

a) Quick-swing

4 fills late (after a two-count), 2 passes to 4 and flattens to the corner, 3 replaces 4.

Olesen - 2 stays, 4 swings the ball to 3, cuts and replaces 2 in the corner, 2 replaces 4. 4 backcuts if denied.
Peter Maunder - guards through cut or brush cut when they pass, a wing flattens to the corner, then he wants an automatic backcut by the other guard.

4-3 swing into a 3-1 quick.

4 reads whether 3 drives left.

2 gives 1 a two-count then moves over for a pass, 1 cuts through for floor balance and 3 lifts.

Option - 2 has a triple gap to attack, so 1 gives him a two-count before cutting (see Kickup series).

Kentucky - 1 passes and basket cuts, 2 can drive the drop zone (and does not have a triple gap, 3 filled behind).

Variation - 1 dribbles out and swings the ball to 2, see Swing series.
See Offence - Kentucky dribble-drive (swing series), Fast Break - Calipari swing series.

Continue with a 2-3 swing, 3-1 quick, 4 lifts and will move over for a pass from 1.up

b) Quick-kickback-swing

After 1 hits 2 and goes through (quick), 2 drives middle, 4 fills behind, 3 kicks back, 2 passes to 3.

Progression - 2 can drive middle or wait and pass to 4 moving over.

Continue with a 3-2 swing into a 2-1 quick.

Kentucky - they want to give 2 two looks.3 cuts through the elbow, but reads whether to keep going or pop back out. The passer also reads the ballhandler on a Quick set.

1 drives middle, 4 kicks back for a pass, then continue with 4 swinging the ball.

Progression - drive middle (kickback-swing) or wait and pass to 4 (swing).up

3) Kickup series

1 drives for a kickup to 2.

2 would look to shoot, drive middle (e.g. into a 2-4 kickback or 2-3 kickup), or skip pass to 3.


- 1-4 kickback into a 4-2 kickup
- 1-3 kickup
- 1-4 swing into a 4-3 kickup (see above.

a) Throwback

2 makes a return pass to 1 and cuts through (1 can drive from the corner), 4 moves over on a two-count.

5 would post on the pass to 1.

1 dribbles and passes to 4 (then flattens to the corner), reverse the ball into another kickup (and repeat), e.g.

- a direct 4-2 kickup, 3 kicks back (shown)
- 4-3 swing into a 3-2 kickup
- 4-3 kickback, 3-4 swing into a 4-2 kickup.up

b) Swing

If 2 has no play, 4 moves over for a pass after a two-count, and has a triple-gap to attack (Olesen).

A 4-3 kickup is an option.

4 backcuts if overplayed.

2 balances the floor after a two-count (Olesen).

Reverse the ball into another kickup, e.g. with a 4-3 swing (4 reads it).

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