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Dribble-drive quick-swing

4-on-0 continuous dribble-drive pass-and-cut series (quick, swing), using basket cuts then corner cuts. Pass-and-cut progressions:

a) Quick
b) Swing
c) Swing-quick
d) Swing-quick-corner
e) Swing-quick-kickback
f) Quick-swing
g) Quick-kickback-swing

Progression - add the 5-man, combine with kickbacks, kickups and other dribble-drive actions.

See Offence - Dribble-drive outline, Dribble-drive basics, Fast Break - Dribble-drive 5 on 0, Calipari swing series, Tactics - Bollant dribble-drive.

a) Quick

Quick creates an iso on the wing.

2 blast cuts on eye contact (or 1 calls his name), 1 passes, basket cuts.

Variation - 1 cuts directly to the opposite corner (a corner cut).

Randy Sherman - quad offence - on a diagonal pass (slot to wing), make a diagonal cut directly to the opposite corner.

Option - 1 crab dribbles, passes with one hand off the dribble.

See Layups - Drop and drag, Blast cuts, Shooting - Dribble-drive 4 on 0 (1-2 quick).

1 spaces out to the weakside corner, 3 starts to lift, 4 fills late (after a two-count), 2 passes to 4 and flattens back to the corner.

Cutter and ball arrive at the same time.

Ettore Messina - players should be square as they catch and make their move immediately or give it back up - shoot, drive, make one shot fake if unsure what to do, then pass if nothing is available.

Reverse the ball to 3 filling the other guard spot (4 is a reversal guy), 1 blast cuts for a "quick" pass, 3 cuts and clears, continue (reverse the ball, 2 will basket cut).

Progression - cut on a guard-to-guard swing pass, see Swing, Swing-Quick.

See Tactics - Teaching 4-out motion.

b) Swing

The sequence is swing-swing, continuous slot-to-slot passes.

i) Basket cuts

1-4 swing pass and basket cut, 2 replaces 1 (after a two-count), 1 replaces 2 (a weakside exchange).

If 4 drives in a game, 1 would exit opposite.

Mads Olesen - it's a general rule that when you pass the ball on the perimeter, cut through to the basket and out the other side of penetration.
Option - to start, 4 backdoor cuts, 3 slow fills, 4 replaces 3, 1 passes to 3 and cuts.
Olesen - 4 backdoor cuts hard to the basket if denied.

See Tactics - Teaching 4-out motion, Defending - Calipari shell, Wootten Fogler.

4-2 swing, basket cut, weakside exchange.

Continue with a 2-3 swing and basket cut, etc.

ii) Corner cuts
Optionally go directly to the Swing-Quick series.

1-4 swing and corner cut, 2 replaces 1 after a two-count.

The corner cut gives 4 a triple gap to attack.

John Calipari - 1 passes to 4 and cuts through the elbow to the corner, 3 lifts. 1 reads whether to pop back out if 4 drives left.

Mark Cascio - attack a triple or double gap, or pass (here to 3).
Option - 4 corner cuts to start play, 3 slow fills for a pass from 1.
Michael Lynch - if 4 is denied 1 waves him thru, a corner cut ("blur screen").

4-2 swing and corner cut, 3 replaces 4.

Continue with a 2-3 swing and corner cut (bumping 1 out of the corner).up

c) Swing-Quick

i) Basket cuts

1-4 swing, basket cut, 2 replaces 1.

3 blast cuts for a pass, 4 basket cuts.

2 replaces 4, 1 and 4 fill behind.

3 passes to 2 and flattens.

Repeat the pattern, 2-1 swing and basket cut, 1-4 quick and basket cut.

Rotate to fill spots, 4-3 pass and flatten, continue with a 3-2 swing pass.

ii) Corner cuts

1-4 swing pass and corner cut, 4-3 quick pass and corner cut.

3 would look to attack middle or pass to 1 in the corner (or make a post entry).

Del Harris - if the wing passes the ball into the low post in a wing-corner triangle, the corner must cut hard baseline, the wing stays ballside unless he screens away at the top for another player.

Option - 4 corner cuts to start play, 1 passes to 2 and cuts weakside.

See Offence - Novak dribble-drive (Swing), Doug Novak Core Series (Snapback).

Variation - 1 swings the ball, basket cuts and reads the play, e.g. exit cuts opposite a drive by 4, or replaces 3 for floor balance on a 4-3 quick.

2 keeps moving out, 3 makes a swing pass off the dribble and corner cuts, continue with a 2-4 quick.

2 makes room for 4 to lift out of the corner.
See Novak dribble-drive (Wing-top series, also Snapback).

d) Swing-Quick-Corner

1-4 swing and corner cut, 4-3 quick and corner cut.

1 could pass, basket cut, then replace 3 in the corner, see above.
Progression - 4 corner cuts to start play, 1 passes to 2 and corner cuts, then 2 will pass to 4 in the corner and clear.

3-1 corner pass and clear, 2 and 4 fill behind (square the top).

1 passes out to 2, into a 2-4 swing and 4-3 quick.

See Mark Cascio - Favourite Possessions - swing-quick, pass to the corner at 2:06.

3-2 corner pass and clear weakside, 1 and 4 fill out top.

Continue with a pass out to 1, a 1-4 swing, 4-3 quick, 3-1 corner pass, etc.up

e) Swing-Quick-Kickback

1-4 swing and corner cut, into a 4-3 quick.

3 drives middle, 2 kicks back for a pass, 3 replaces 2, who takes a dribble for spacing, timing and misdirection (it can be a pull-back dribble).

In a game, 2 can backcut, kick back, get a DHO, or get a swing pass.

i) Cascio Favourite Possessions,
- swing-quick-kickback at 0:00
- swing-quick, attack middle, swing pass into a kickback at 3:28
ii) Doug Novak Core Series
- swing-quick to a 3-2 DHO (Spaghetti) at 3:28.

2-3 swing into a 3-4 quick, then continue with a 4-1 kickback and 1-4 swing, repeat the sequence.

Calipari - they want to give 3 two looks.

See Shooting - Dribble-drive 4 on 0 (1-4 swing to 4-3 quick to 3-2 kickback).

Note that players do not fill all positions. To fix this, on a quick pass, instead of driving middle for a kickback, dribble out for a swing (here by 4), see above.up

f) Quick-Swing

2 gets open, 1 hits the wing and goes all the way through, 3 lifts.

In a game, 2 looks to attack baseline or middle.

Quick is a direct entry, or is set up by a swing (swing-quick), or by a kickback, see Calipari - second drives.

Olesen - on a quick or kickup, 2 looks to shoot/attack first, skip second, a pass back to the top is the last option.

4 fills behind (2 can call over 4), 2 passes to 4 and flattens to the corner, 3 replaces 4.

In a game, 4 fills late (after a two-count) unless they are running a play such as Dribble-drive 243-143.

Olesen - 4 comes over for the ball when 2 does not attack. 2 stays, 4 swings the ball to 3, cuts and replaces 2 in the corner (because 1 is in the far corner), 2 replaces 4 out top. 4 backcuts if denied.

4-3 swing, see above for continuity.up

g) Quick-Kickback-Swing

After 1 hits 2 and goes through (quick), 2 drives middle, 4 fills behind, 3 kicks back, 2 passes to 3.

Progression - 2 can drive middle or wait and pass to 4 moving over.

3-2 swing, continue with a 2-1 quick (see Swing-quick-kickback above).

Kentucky - they want to give 2 two looks. 3 cuts through the elbow, but reads whether to keep going or pop back out. The passer also reads the ballhandler on a Quick set.

See Kentucky Quick Set, Shooting - 1-2 quick to 2-3 kickback to 3-2 swing.

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