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Dribble-drive outline

See Blog posts - Dribble-Drive Motion, Dribble-Drive 3s, Dribble-Drive Hacks, Installing Dribble-Drive, Modern Dribble-Drive.

After a made basket, 5 rim runs then gets out of the way (open post), 2 and 3 sprint to the dead corners, 4 and 1 bring up the ball.

There are double gaps between the guard spots and the corners, and a single gap between 1 and 4.

Option - 4 spaces high and wide, creating another double gap for 1 (a "two side"), see Blog Post - Fast-break cycles, including player roles on a defensive rebound.

Peter Lonergan - Spacing & Decision Making - halfcourt offensive spacing is high, wide and deep. 1 and 4 "widen the wedge" (outside the seams), 2 is in the corner, 5 goes to the "box" (short corner), 3 lifts to the break on the weakside.

See Offences - Dribble-drive basics, Dribble-drive progression, Fast break - Dribble-drive 5 on 0.

5 stays opposite the ball on dribble penetration (clean up or relocate), allowing a backdoor cut from the ballside corner.

Progression - 5 flashes to the weakside elbow (tees up) on a backdoor cut, or ducks in.

4 will fill behind if 1 gets stopped deep (lane penetration).

Rotate behind middle drives, attack downhill on a catch.

Here 4 rotates behind 1 (kicks back, or Euro cut) and 5 relocates, opening up a backcut by 3.

1 replaces 4 on a "pitch" (which is a dribble-drive entry).

4 could make a return pass to 1 (kickback-swing), see below.

See Entries.

Tyler Lyndsey - 5-out Drive and Space (and Screenshots) - a pitch is a slot-to-slot dribble hand-off (DHO). It's an automatic backcut if 4 is denied on a dribble-at (see below).

1 can pass off the dribble to 3 in the corner (see below).

If 1 stops in the drop zone (elbow area), 3 backcuts (the first option) or kicks up (lifts) for a pass and is replaced by the passer (shown).

The Euro cut by 4 (instead of getting pushed) opens up the kickup by 3.

3 could make a throwback pass to 1 in the corner (and clear weakside), that's an automatic post-up for 5.

Any skip pass is also an automatic post-up, e.g. 1 drives middle and passes to 2 in (or lifted from) the weakside corner.

See Post-ups.

Doug Novak - Top-corner series - 1 can pass to 3 off the dribble, then dive to post up and escape opposite if 3 drives middle or baseline. If 1 stride stops, 3 lifts or backcuts to get open.

Michael Lynch - Slot blur screens - 3 holds the corner, shoots on a quick kick-out pass or drives through the elbow area and 1 exits to the corner. 3 backcuts or kicks up if 1 stops.

Mads Olesen - if 1 gets pushed outside, you can still run all the options with a dribble hand-off.

The offence can stall without kickups for ball reversal. DHOs are a viable and simple alternative, especially at the youth level. Backcuts are an option on dribble-ats.

See Offence - Novak dribble-drive, Shooting - Dribble hand-offs.

On another middle drive, 5 relocates and 4 kicks back looking for a pitch.

Here 3 passes off the dribble to shooter 2 in the corner, and clears weakside.

3 can exit to the ballside corner if 2 attacks or just dribbles out (Novak, Lynch).
John Leonzo - Dribble-drive - if 3 kicks to 2 in the corner he exits slowly to fill the corner.

Walberg - 2 is in the corner, if 3 passes to 2, 3 has to space out (weakside), then 4 gives 2 a two-count before moving over.

Olesen - 2 will stay in his corner then look for drop-zone options on any stop.

Kentucky - if 3 drives middle inside the elbow, 2 comes out foul-line extended once 3 breaks the lane line.

See Novak Wing-wing.

The corner kick-out is not available if 2 lifts early.

3 can make an early "swing" pass to 4 off the dribble (dribble swing), see Novak Wing-top series, and Swing-quick below.

Lynch - 3 can pass to 4, then corner cuts (blur screen cut).
Leonzo - 3 corner cuts if he kicks to 4.

On a guard-to-guard pass ("swing"), the passer usually cuts to change sides of the floor, creating a triple gap for the ballhandler.

The passer can shallow cut or corner cut (shown), or cut to the basket then exit opposite dribble penetration (see Through cut).

John Calipari - 1 passes and cuts to the corner, 4 drives off his butt.

Novak - Fingers - 1 passes to 4 and corner cuts.

Mark Cascio - Gap Rules - 4 attacks the triple gap, or passes to 3.

Mads Olesen - when you pass the ball on the perimeter, cut through to the basket and out the other side of penetration.

Vance Walberg - 1 basket cuts 85% of the time.

Players are generally more familiar with basket cuts, and the give and go is an important concept especially at the youth level (see Teaching 4-out motion).

Swing-quick - 4 can finish the swing with a pass to 3 ("quick") then basket cut or corner cut weakside.
1 replaces 3 after a basket cut (a late corner cut). Optionally 1 passes to 4, basket cuts and clears opposite, which is a traditional motion cut.

Swing and Quick are dribble-drive entries, and make up the "passing game" that complements the dribble attack. Dribble-push gets into Quick without a pass. Create isolations on the wing and out top.

See Playing in the gap, Tactics - Dribble-drive quick-swing, Offence - Novak dribble-drive.

Swing-quick can create a post-up opportunity.

3 look to attack middle, make a post entry, or pass to 1 in the corner, who can pass to 5.

Del Harris - if the wing passes the ball into the low post in a wing-corner triangle, the corner must cut hard baseline, the wing stays ballside unless he screens away at the top for another player.

Here 3 passes down to the corner and clears weakside.

2 lifts to the weakside slot, then moves ballside after a two-count as a pass option.

See Tactics -
Dribble-drive quick-swing (Swing-quick-corner).

Here 3 drives middle, makes a swing pass to 2, and corner cuts. 2 can attack middle or pass to 4 (and cut).

2 can backdoor cut on the drive.

2 can dribble middle and throw it back to 4, see
Novak Snapback series.

See Tactics - Dribble-drive quick-swing (Swing-quick with corner cuts).
Option - 3 holds, 2 blast cuts for a pass and a dynamic 1-on-1 (see Offence - MacKay single-double gaps).

Here 3 drives middle into a kickback with 2.

A DHO is another option.
See Mark Cascio Dribble-drive pitchbacks.

2 throws it back to 3 and cuts (kickback-swing).

Calipari - they want to give 3 two looks.

A kickback sets up this option, and is a link from dribble attack to pass-and-cut (so is dribble swing).

See Tactics -
Dribble-drive quick-swing (Swing-quick-kickback).

Trailer 4 can dive to create a triple gap for 1 (optionally on a signal, e.g. a pullback dribble, or a pass fake from triple threat), and will backcut if a swing pass is overplayed, or get high and wide.

Here 4 will read where 1 goes and come out opposite.

Some teams will automatically dive 5 from the trailer spot.
Option - 4 dives, 3 blast cuts (see MacKay single-double gaps).

Matt Bollant rub cut - 4 can loop under 1 (see Oakland through).

Kentucky - they like a corner cut by 4, teams will switch a rub cut.

Novak - 4 corner cuts, 1 can pass to 2 lifting out of the corner.

Tyler Lyndsey - it's an automatic backcut if 4 is denied on a dribble-at.

Lynch - if 4 is denied 1 waves him thru, a corner cut (blur screen).

Here is a teaching progression to install the offence, using Breakdown Drills:

Basic dribble-drive
- spacing
- clean up, relocate
- kick back (Euro cut)
- corner backcut
- corner kick up (lift)
- dribble-at (DHO)
- lane penetration
Pass and cut
- swing
- swing-quick (and post up)
- swing-quick-corner
- dribble-swing
- dive the trailer
- quick
- dribble push
Advanced dribble-drive
- corner kick-out
- kickback-swing
- kickup, corner throwback (and post up)
- skip pass (and post up)
- drop zone tee up or duck-in.

To simplify the offence or just take what the defence gives,

- use DHOs instead of kickups
- use DHOs instead of pitches
- basket cut on a swing pass, exit opposite dribble penetration, and optionally opposite a pass.

See Petitgoue "H", Bollant 1-4 DHO, Tactics - Dribble-drive quick-swing.

For a full range of drills, see Dribble-drive drills, including 1-on-1 and scrimmages.up

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