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Matt Bollant dribble-drive

Matt Bollant

Good offence is run from the middle third of the court, everybody is one pass away. Don't let the ball get pushed out, it ends up being a dribble weave, which is not good basketball, defenders switch it every time. Dribble-drive is probably not a good offence with a soft, pass-first point guard.

1-2-3-4 are guards, 4 should be able to handle the ball and shoot, if not, put him at the 3-spot. 2 has to be able to drive left. One 5 is best, it's hard to run with two 5s.

1 is trying to score, the elbow area is the decision zone (drop 2 zone), if he can't get to the rim he jump stops facing the basket, that's 2's cue to move to the "window", they'd like it to be a downhill pass, they don't want 2 to move too early. 1 backdoor cuts out to the corner.

Occasionally 1 can rub screen for 2, but defenders will switch that.

Shoot if X5 helps on the ball, 5 will get the clean-up rebound every time.

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2's mentality is "I'm getting a layup" (have a driving-scoring mentality whenever you catch the ball), he drives middle (probably two dribbles, the first is explosive), when he gets to the elbow,

- 5 loops, looking for a bounce pass (not earlier, 2 could crossover and go baseline)

- 4 goes (kicks back), don't move that window too soon, he will get open 3s if he is patient.

2 jump stops, 3 moves up to the window, 2 can pass to 3 and cut through.

Or 2 can pass to 4 (kickback), any time you throw it to the 4, you become the 4 (yell I'm the 4), loop out below him.

4 brings the ball back from where he got it.

Good offence happens fast, you get really quick shots out of this offence. Get layups and 3s (squared-up, inside-out is great), not pull-ups (national shooting percentage only 21%).

Getting the 5 involved

If 1 jump stops at the elbow and 2 is not open, 5 makes a hard flash to the weakside elbow for a pass and can sweep baseline, if not, 1 X's (cuts below 5), 5 goes right behind him for a dunk (shown).

Another option is that 4 comes right off 1's butt for a hand-off.

Black action - 2 backcuts, 5 comes high (you have to work at this), then the 4 comes off.

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Ways to start dribble-drive motion

If X5 is slow, they like to make him guard on the perimeter, even if 5 is not great on the perimeter.

Against a set defence, you need to give them ways to start the offence.

a) Quick

Against teams that force baseline (keeping the ball out of the middle), 1 jump stops, passes to 2 and cuts through, 2 can drive baseline right away, or drive middle, crossover and go baseline (they like to put 4 or 5 in the 2-spot with a slow defender).


Drop 2 jump stop, skip pass to 3, 5 posts, 1 cuts to the ballside corner (duck in on any skip pass).


If 1 has a very good defender, 4 can set a ballscreen to start, 5 loops, 1 goes to drop 3.

Or put 1 in the 2-spot to the start, use a second ballhandler to bring up the ball (e.g. one with a defender who is not very quick).

See Fast breaks - Early ballscreens (Shake).


4 can rub cut (loop under 1).

See Offence - Nets dribble-drive.


If X4 is slow, 1 dribbles right at him, jump stops, hands it to 4 and becomes the 4.

John Calipari - if X4 is sagging near the nail 1 will drive right at him, make him make a choice.


1-4 pass, 4-3 pass, 4 cuts, 5 posts, 1 becomes the 4 (against teams that sag, swing the sag and skip the sag).

g) Open

4 gets really wide, 5 comes up high, opening up the right side for 1 (X1 is slow or in foul trouble).

h) Flat

4 comes up from the foul line to set a flat ballscreen at the top of the key, 1 thinks score first (5 loops if 1 drives left).


1 jump stops, passes to 2 (kickup), one dribble middle, 4 backcuts to a post-up, 5 flashes off his butt to the weakside elbow, look for a 5-4 high-low pass.

See Offence - Petitgoue dribble-drive (Quick).up

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