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Calipari two-ball

John Calipari

See Shooting - Calipari one-ball, 5star dribble drive, Dribble-drive, Layups - Vance Walberg drop.

Coach has a ball, two players shoot. Work both sides.
(Variation - one ball only.)

a) Pitch back

1 drives to the nail and pitches it back to 3, who can shoot, drive for layup, or take a one-dribble pull-up (3 gets behind or beyond 1 for a positive pitch). 1 gets a pass from coach and shoots. Use dedicated rebounders, or both players rebound (and get a ball to coach).
(Progression - 3 gets deep, 1 drags behind for a pass, 3 exit cuts. Think Siakam to VanVleet for the Raptors.)
Greg Kampe - pitch-kick - 3 throws it back to 1, coach passes to 3.

b) Straight drive

1 drives to the block, reverse pivots, passes back to 3, clears weakside for a pass.
(Progression - 1 drives middle and gets deep, 3 kicks back then drags behind for a pass.)
See Walberg Lane penetration, Middle penetration (deep penetration can set up a 3-point shot from out top).

c) Skip pass and back out

1 drives, skip passes to 3 breaking out of the weakside corner, then backs out for a pass. Calipari doesn't care how the skip is thrown.

d) Coming out of the corner

1 drives and stops at the elbow (don't get too deep), 3 breaks out of the corner (he stays deep unless 1 stops) and catches a pass going downhill, 1 goes to the corner for a pass from coach (who can be in the paint or on the sideline). 3 can shoot or pull-up, and can first hesitate if his man backed off, then go when he comes out to guard.

See Shooting - Calipari one-ball for individual shooting, 3 breaks out of the corner for a pass from coach in the lane.
Kampe - coach passes to 1 from the baseline, 4 has an extra ball and passes it to coach.

Progression - kickback - 3 takes a hard dribble, steps back (optionally with a back dribble), throws it back to 1 in the corner (the defence is switching) and gets a pass from coach.

Backdoor - 1 drives to the elbow, 3 goes backdoor for a bounce pass, 1 goes out to the wing for a pass.

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