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Vance Walberg drop

Vance Walberg

These are layups out of a 1-2 set in the dribble-drive attack, can also do other sets, e.g., 1-3. Use both sides of the floor (not shown), two balls on each side (then switch sides).

1 dribbles to the drop zone (one or maybe two dribbles), jump stops, pass fakes, 2 takes one step up, yells "ball", shows both hands, backcuts for a pass and layup, rebounds. Switch lines.


1 dribbles to the drop zone, jump stops, 2 kicks up until he is even with 1 (so he can attack downhill), gets a pass and immediately drives middle. 1 cuts to the corner after passing to 2. 6 is the next shooter.

In a game, X2 is afraid of the backdoor and opens up.
Nate Oats - floaters.

Tony Bergeron - 2 shoots.
Ian MacKinnon - lift layups then one-dribble pull-ups.
Matt Bollant - against teams that force baseline, 1 passes to 2 and cuts weakside.
Marc Hart - 2 can attack baseline if the defence takes away middle.

Kickup progressions

a) Corner pass (throwback)

2 takes a hard dribble step-back, passes to 1 in the corner for a shot. 2 rebounds (and would cut through in a game).

b) Give and go

2 passes to 1 in the corner, takes a step to the ball then basket cuts for a pass.
- corner kick-outs
- skip passes
- "quick" passing
- opposite corners, the 1-spot will drive and pass to the 3-spot (alternate sides).
See Layups - Drop and drag, also Shooting - Dribble-drive 1-2-3 set, and Dribble-drive 4 on 0 for combination shooting.up

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