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Fast breaks
Triano early offence

Jay Triano
Basketball Manitoba Super Coaches Clinic
a) Thru
b) Dive
c) Drag
f) 21
i) Two-down

He has always been a proponent of the numbered break. When a shot goes up the point guard gets his butt to the sideline. He can come back to the ball if pressured, otherwise can start going up the floor for a lead pass.

The wings bounce off the baseline and come back up (about 8 feet), not crossing underneath. The first big runs straight to the front rim (not to the block), the other four players try to get him the ball for a shot or foul (the highest points per possession), everyone reads how he is being guarded. Reward the guy who runs down the floor the fastest. They teach the wings to catch and sweep (and step) baseline, even if they don't dribble, it changes the angle of a pass inside (don't just open up with the ball overhead).

The second big can't get too far outside the lane line, they want to make sure the floor is evenly spaced.

This is just transition, anytime the point guard can push the ball up to a wing (who can throw it inside or catch and sweep baseline for a layup), or get the ball inside, if not, the next most important thing is to change sides of the floor, getting into early offence.

With intelligent players you can make reads off what the point guard does.

Direct - a call, they do whatever they can to get the ball directly into the post.

5 should be in the lane for 2.9 seconds, out for 0.1, then back in.

If the ball goes into the post, 4 dives down weakside and gets right out of bounds, then if 5 attacks baseline, 4 goes into the middle of the lane, if 5 goes middle, 4 goes baseline (changing sides).

3 changes the passing angle on the weakside, he wants to be a release point.

On the strongside, Triano likes to have the guy who threw it go screen for the other perimeter player, who can accept the screen for a jump shot (shown) or curl right in, or reject the screen (for a hand-off) and 1 spaces back out. A third option is that the passer can slip the screen (here 1 would look for a baseline hand-back).

See Tactics - Passing into the post.up

a) Thru

1 passes to 2 and goes through under the basket (it's too hard a pass if 2 stays down in the corner).

2 passes to 4, 3 brush screens for 1 (they don't want that pass denied). 4 is a passer, his job is to reverse the ball.

Rule for post players - every time you get the ball, look for your partner first.
Chris Oliver - 1 passes to 2 and shallow cuts to the left wing, or 1 dribbles him through and reverses the ball.

4 passes to 1, 3 goes to get 5 (try to get the ball inside to 5 on the second side), then 4 cleans up, going down to get 3 (screen the screener).
Chris Oliver - 3 head-hunts, 5 steps back looking for a lob pass then cuts opposite his defender. Variations
- screener 3 posts up (a read or call)
- 5 ballscreens for 1 (a call, or read if he goes over the screen)
- instead of a cross-screen, 5 backscreens for 4.

See Fast breaks - Spurs 2007 (weak), Tubby Smith (through), Memphis (through), Emir Mutapcic, Tom Crean (thru), Offence - Argentina motion.up

b) Dive

They want to change sides of the floor but 4 is denied, they want to penalize X4 for doing a good job defensively.

1 dribbles right at 4, who dives to the front rim, 5 replaces up, 1 looks for a lob pass to 4, if X3 takes that away, 3 breaks up for a pass and looks for 4 inside.

If it's not there, 5 runs into a side screen and roll, 4 clears weakside, 1 and 2 are shot ready.

4 has to be active, his man will help, 4 has to go opposite.

See Fast breaks - Spurs 2007, Larry Brown (dive-fist), Tubby Smith (dive), North Carolina (dive), Early ballscreens (dive), Offence - Kentucky 40 series (44).up

c) Drag

4 sets a high screen and roll for 1, 4 rolls hard to the front rim, 5 replaces. Triano is a proponent of always seeing the basketball on the roll, Europeans think it's faster to just slip out of screens.

If 4 is denied, it's good, it's a double screen for 1. If 1 dribbles at 4 and he can't dive, it's a high screen and roll.

Ben Braun - it's hard for X4 to deny the trailer and hedge on the ballscreen.

See Tactics - Ben Braun ballscreens (fast break), Van Gundy ballscreens, Fast breaks - Nets (drag), Offences - Tennessee playbook (late clock #3), Carleton Ravens (drag ballscreen), Matt Bollant dribble-drive, also Fast breaks - Early ballscreens (shake), Old Dominion (five-up), 5star pro-style (drag), Serbia, North Carolina (dribble), Florida 2006, Mavericks, Tom Crean (drag), Larry Brown, Spurs 2007 (shake), Bill Self secondary,
Phoenix Suns drag screens, Defence - Dave Severns ballscreens, Quick hitters - Ravens 2015, Fast break - Tennessee 4 on, 5 on 0, Florida five cycles.up

d) Single

3 has bounced off the baseline, 4 turns and goes to find his man, 3 sets him up and comes off for a catch, he's thinking score - drive, shot, pass.

See Fast breaks - North Carolina (B-3, B-3 counter), Florida 2006, Florida 2005, Xavier (staggers), Serbia, Duke down series, Memphis (go), Quick hitters - Duke actions (down), Offence - Mike D'Antoni.up

e) Reverse

For a strong 2-man.

Swing the ball to 3, 5 sets a screen for a flex cut by 2, 4 screens away for 1.

3 passes to 1, get into the wheel, 5 and 4 go get 2 with a stagger screen, they've got X2 set up to chase.

See Offence - Tom Izzo quick strikes (flip), Quick hitters - Pitt, also Offence - Flex specials (panther).

Then 3 comes off the stagger as well.up

f) 21

1 and 2 switch positions in transition, 1 hits 2 (usually before 2 bounces off the baseline) then cuts to the corner, then they can run all the same things, Dive etc.

See Fast breaks - Spurs 2007.up

g) Corner

Every team ran this at the 2000 Olympics.

1 hits 2 and goes to the ballside corner, 2 reverses the ball to 4, 5 steps out to slice screen for 2.

4 swings it to 3 who looks for 2, 5 and 4 stagger screen for 1 (they have to head-hunt).

Triano is a big proponent of the wheel, on a pass to 1 he likes 5 and 4 to get 2 (and then go get 3).

See Fast breaks - Tubby Smith (fist), Offences - Tennessee playbook (call #1), Argentina flex, Seth Greenberg Slice, Bill Self motion entries (Illini), also Quick hitters - Shuffle-double-double, and Tactics - Lawrence Frank ballscreens (slice, 3 pins down for 2).up

h) Two-up

From Lithuania, continuity ballscreens in transition, 4 and 5 are both trailing the play for whatever reason, they run inside the NBA lane lines, but not beside each other, they create space. The wings have bounced off the baseline about 8 feet. 1 picks a side, 2 clears out to the far corner, 5 goes into a side screen and roll, 1 comes off and passes to 4, who looks for 5 on the roll (a pass from 1 to 5 is tough).

The first ballscreen is a fake screen, helping to get the ball to the other side of the floor.

This is a great offence against any team that shows on a pick and roll, you can get the big-to-big pass. If you have bigs who can shoot, if you have bigs who can reverse the ball, this is good.
Matt Hackenberg - 5 should roll then briefly post up for a high-low pass from 4 (roll and seal).
Greg Francis - the bigs are both 4s. You don't want to shoot on the first side. 5 can roll (open to the ball) or dive, which is easier.
See YouTube video Wave 5-out ballscreen continuity, playlist #EuroOffence Tips, also Zone set play - Wave sidescreen.

As soon as 4 catches it, 3 goes hard backdoor to the other corner, 2 steps up, 5 comes back high weakside, 1 spaces out, 4 swings it to 2 and follows to pick and roll.

If 2 is denied, 4 does a dribble hand-off, which is one of the toughest things to guard.
(Other options - 4 slips a ballscreen, or picks and pops)
- 3 can backdoor cut or screen-in for 2 then clear
- 4 can slip, pick and roll, pick and pop, dribble hand-off (or pass and corner cut or brush screen).
Francis - 4 looks at 3, who takes a step to the ball then backcuts. 4 can pass to 2 and ballscreen, or usually DHOs. 2 sells opposite so X2 can't just chase over. 5 lifts early (in shooting range) so X3 has to help on the roller.

Continuity, 2 comes off and passes to 5, who looks for 4, 1 goes backdoor, 3 fills, 4 comes high, 5 will pass to 3 and follow to pick and roll.

Every cut is a hard cut.
Francis - if the defence is icing the ballscreen, 4 should set the screen to send 2 baseline, like a step-up screen (defensively, trap a step-up, don't allow a baseline attack).

See Offence - Kowalczyk ballscreen, Billy Donovan ballscreens, Quick hitters - Ravens, also Fast breaks - Suns 5-out, Nets (both bigs trail).up

i) Two-down

If you have a guy who is good in the post (here 3), run Two-up until he goes backdoor, then he comes back instead of going through, they always want to have a triangle to get the ball into the post.

See Offence - Kowalczyk ballscreen (hook post).

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