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Kowalczyk ballscreen

Tod Kowalczyk ballscreen offence

See Offence - 1-4 Dive series, also High-Low.


Post players are on a string, they work together, one on the right, one on the left, from the slots. 1-2-3 are interchangeable.

4 picks and rolls, 1 comes off trying to get inside the elbow. They rarely get the roll guy.

4 can slip the screen and dive to the rim if he feels an early or hard hedge by his defender.

If the defenders switch the ballscreen, 1 will pull the dribble back to the wing and 4 sprints to post (hook post).

1 can refuse the ballscreen and attack baseline, it's a great baseline drift pass to 3.

Re-screen - a read when the on-ball defender is shading the ball to the screen/hedge [not letting the ball get to the screen], 4 turns to re-screen for 1, who attacks baseline and looks for the drift pass.

Euro ballscreen offence - 4 can pick and pop behind the arc if he is a shooter. If the defence traps the ballscreen, 1 takes two-three dribbles away, 4 pops to the wing, 5 cuts into the middle near the foul line, and 2 breaks up across from 1 behind ball level (giving the ballhandler three short passing options).


1 passes to 5 and gets back out (his start position), 5 looks for a high-low then 4 gets out (his start position), 2 backcuts on eye contact with 5.

Euro ballscreen offence - if 5 skip passes to 3 against a sagging defence, 2 cuts to the opposite corner.

5 drives for a dribble hand-off with 3, who makes a two-step set-up toward the basket. 5 rolls to the basket.

Use hand-offs like they are ballscreens.

3 backcuts if the defence tries to steal the hand-off, this is just a read although they do have a call for it ("Boston").

Euro ballscreen offence - 3 breaks out of the corner for a pass, 5 follows his pass to pick and roll, or can dribble hand-off if 3 is overplayed. Other options
- 3 can cut backdoor on overplay
- 5 can slip the screen
- if 5 slips the screen, 4 sprints to pick and roll, 5 replaces 4 (running slip)
- 3 can reject the screen and drive baseline.

Continuity on a pass to 4 - 3 gets out, then 5 if there is no high-low pass, 1 backcuts on eye contact, 4 will dribble hand-off with 2.

Euro ballscreen - Flare slip option - 5 doesn't roll, he flarescreens for 3 on the pass to 4 then slips to the basket.

b) Pin down

Instead of a backcut, 2 pins down for 3 in the corner, then clears weakside, 5 still dribble hand-offs with 3.

This is a counter added in the second half of the season, used half of the time. 2 can fill behind the hand-off instead of clearing weakside, it doesn't matter which corner he goes to.

c) Reverse flare

3 flarescreens for 2 when 1 passes to 5. This is a read or a call from the bench when there is midline help against roll man 4.

Euro ballscreen - 3 would then cut across the court to the opposite corner.

d) Top Flare

3 and 2 set a double flarescreen if 5 is denied, or to get 5 a 3-point shot.

e) Misdirection

The action is the same except that 2 cuts to the opposite low post.

5 screens for 2 after the dribble hand-off.

This is the Euro ballscreen Hunt special.

Misdirection flare - 1 flarescreens if 4 is a shooter, if not, see below for a variation.

f) Misdirection flare

4 is not a shooter. On the pass to 5, 1 and 4 switch roles, 1 pops out top and 4 goes to the wing. 2 cuts to the weakside low post.

5 screens for 2 after the hand-off, and 4 flarescreens for 1.

g) Screen the screener

1 passes to 5 and gets back out, 2 screens for 4 (who should cut low), 5 passes to 3 and screens for 2.
See 1-4 Dive series - Eagle.

Euro ballscreen

Post special 1 - 2 screens for 4, a cross-screen if 4 holds on the weakside block, or a backscreen if 4 comes out high. 5 does not screen for 2.

Post special 2 - 4 gets back out high, 2 cuts to the ballside low post then backscreens for 5 on a pass to 3.

h) Hook post

A good option to post perimeter players, instead of clearing weakside.

Euro ballscreen - 5 dribbles down to the wing area.

2) Entry variations

a) Point through

An entry option from a Kansas-Carolina break, the ballhandler passes and cuts through, the low post comes up to pick and roll.

b) Euro ballscreen

1 passes and cuts through, 4 ballscreens, 5 (who could be weakside) comes high to replace 4.

c) Fran Fraschilla

1 dribbles to the wing area, 2 clears, 5 picks and rolls.

3) Unskilled post

If you don't have a post player who can shoot from 15-21 feet.

2 uses a double screen from 3 and 5.

On a pass to 2, 5 picks and rolls, 1 and 4 double screen for 3.

If 2 comes high to the slot off the screen by 3 and 5, then 5 doesn't come out to ballscreen.

Continuity - 4 picks and rolls on a pass to 3, 1 comes off a double screen by 2 and 5.

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