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Stops & pivots

Players are in lines on the baseline, each with a ball. On "go" the first group dribbles upcourt, on "stop" they jump stop and dribble on the spot, on "go" they again dribble upcourt and the next group starts from the baseline. Change the dribbling hand on the way back (or go up and back then change).
Bill Pangos - Starts and stops dribble - each player is static dribbling (on the spot), the first group dribbles forward on a whistle, stops on a second whistle (continue dribbling), the first and second groups dribble forward on a third whistle, continue upcourt.
- coach uses start-stop hand signals (hand closed, hand open)
- coach shows up to 10 fingers above his head, players have to count them while dribbling
- stop at the foul line, halfcourt, and far foul line
- after stopping, pullback dribble then dribble forward (option - pullback crossover).
Harbir Bains - follow coach's hand signals, dribble forward, backward, or stop.

- use 1-2 stops
- pick up the dribble into triple threat
- pick up the dribble, pivot 360 degrees (use each foot to pivot, forward and reverse pivot, sweep and check as needed)

coachesclipboard.ca - 3-6-9-12 o'clock pivoting - dribble out to the foul line, jump stop, pivot 360 degrees using four 90-degree front pivots, repeat with four reverse pivots on the same foot, dribble and repeat at halfcourt, the far foul line and the baseline.
Harbir Bains - jump stop at the foul line, halfcourt, far foul line, going away front pivot on right foot, coming back front pivot on left foot, repeat with reverse pivots on each foot.

See Footwork - Stops and pivots.

Variation - start on a sideline, dribble to the middle, stop in triple threat, dribble to the far sideline, stop, pivot, and dribble back, again stopping in the middle, repeat with the other hand.
David Faucher - pick up the dribble, pivot 180 degrees, dribble back using the other hand.

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