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Red light, green light


Coach is at one end facing the wall, all players with balls are behind the other baseline, and start dribbling when coach shouts "green light". On "red light" they must jump stop their dribble and forward momentum and pick up the ball with both hands, otherwise if coach sees them they must return behind the baseline. The winner is the first player to touch the wall where coach is and shout "Finished".
Option - speed dribble on "green light", slow dribble on "yellow light".


- coach faces the players
- specify direct drive or crossover step
- to start, run without balls
- use 1-2 stops.
coachesclipboard.ca - no balls, players start on the baseline, sprint on "green light", jump stop on "red light", any players that don't stop can be sent back to the start, the far foul line is the goal line.
SNYB - start without balls, players who are not in stance on "red light" are eliminated, go until there is a winner, progression - start balanced on one foot.

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