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Relay races

Two or more teams, each with two balls. The first player dribbles around one or more cones (two examples are shown) then back and touches his ball to the ball of the second player, who can then go. The first team with all players back wins. Repeat with the weak hand.


- dribble around the far cone twice
- each person goes twice, once with each hand
- go for 1-2 minutes, which team can make the most round trips
- to start, sprint without a ball.

David Faucher - jump stop and hand the ball to the next player.

George Karl (Gooroo) -
Speed dribbling relay race - 3 or 4 lines along the baseline, each player has a ball, speed dribble fullcourt with the right hand (ball out in front), touch the far baseline, dribble back with the left hand, the next player in line goes.

See Dribbling - Speed race, UMass, Fullcourt zig-zag, Jr. NBA - Ballhandling (Games).

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