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Larmand close-outs

Ian MacKinnon


Each player closes out three times (forcing left) then goes off. As part of a pre-game warm-up, players close out to spots (see Shooting - Pre-game).

X1 closes out at the top, takes two defensive slides to his right (forcing a ballhandler to his left hand), recovers to the middle of the lane (turn and sprint).

Variation - use coaches as attackers.
Dean Petridis - triangle closeout - close out forcing left, diagonal slide right, drop step, slide left, close out again, then get beat with a left-hand drive.
See Defending - Wootten triangle.

As X1 closes out to the left wing, X2 closes out to the top, both players take two slides right then recover into the lane.

X1 closes out to the right wing, X2 closes out to the left wing, X3 closes out to the top, all players take two defensive slides, X2 and X3 recover to the lane, X1 goes off, X4 goes next.

Continue, then rotate players.


- absorb a jab step with the back (right) foot
- attackers take 1-2 dribbles to their left (then return), see below

See Defending - Close-out 4x, Raptors closeouts, Woodley closeouts.


Add low post 5 and a help defender X4 (bottom of the i).

X1 defends 5 on the low side, then full fronts, then defends on the high side, then closes out on 1, who takes two dribble left, X1 recovers to the lane, repeats with 2, closes out on 3 who drives baseline, X1 gets beat, X4 stops the drive.

X1 replaces X4, who goes off, 1-2-3 go back to their attacking positions, X2 goes next (and can go about when X1 closes out on 1).

Progression - add top-of-the-i defender X6, who covers down when X4 rotates to cut off the drive.

Have X6 replace X4, who goes off, and X1 replaces X6.

Option - have X4 call "switch", X1 peels off to find attacker 2 in X6's direction.

See Defending - Fratello 3 on 3 drive and kick, 4 on 4 help rotations.

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