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Fratello 3 on 3 drive and kick

Mike Fratello

1) Stunts and recoveries

If X2 gets beat middle by 2, X1 from the ballside elbow cones and stunts hard, getting his inside hand in there. X1 and X3 are tied together on a string, X3 knows he has to help X1 because X1 is helping X2. X3 stunts when X1 stunts, to stop penetration if 1 gets the ball and give X1 time to get back (also, X1 might have to stay on 2, e.g., if X2 falls down).

X1 recovers on a pass to 1, then X3 recovers to 3.

Continue the pattern on a pass to 3, who drives middle, X1 and X2 stunt.

2) Full rotations

NBA Coaches Playbook


The ball can be forced middle to work on help-and-recover and full rotation.

X3 forces 3 to drive middle, X1 cuts off the drive, X2 rotates to 1, X3 rotates to 2 [note that X3 does not wait until 3 passes].

Play is live to a stop or score, rotate defence to offence, offence is off, new defence comes on. Keep score to make it competitive.
See Defending - 3 on 3 kick-out.


Out of the same set, X3 forces 3 to drive baseline, X2 rotates off 2 to cut off the drive, X1 rotates off 1 to pick up 2 on the baseline, X3 rotates off the baseline to take 1 at the top of the key.

The ball can start with 1, 2 or 3.
Frankston Blues - 3 on 3 rotation - X2 tries to meet the dribble outside the key, X1 must get "butt to baseline" weakside on the cover down to protect the hoop but also not get pinned under the hoop by a weakside rebounder. Play 3 on 3 on the pass out.up

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