Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills


5star trampoline (David Thorpe) - arms extended high, bounce 20 times as high as you can, 2 sets, work up to 2 sets of 250 reps.

David Faucher
- quick jumps - short, quick, stationary jumps with hands overhead, similar to jumping rope, after a minute or two, do 10-15 jumps on the right foot only, then the left foot, then back to both feet
- donkey jumps - players kick their heels into their butts
- power jumps - squat with bent knees and hands below knees, explode upwards, hands go straight up, land, gather and repeat.

Lee Taft
- two-foot jumps in place, forward, or lateral
- hold the landing, rebound and hold, or jump continuously
- repeat with one-foot hops, each leg
- tuck jumps.
Joey Kwasniewski
- split-squat jumps (alternating front-back lunge position)
- squat jumps
- tuck jumps
- one-foot jumps, side-side and front-back.

Other jumps
- jump and touch toes with both hands, or touch heels, or alternate toes and heels
- crossover step right, both feet come together, jump, repeat going left, zigzag upcourt
- step with the right foot, jump off it and land on the same foot, step with the left foot and jump (like skipping)
- face the backboard on one side of the basket, power jump, touch the backboard with both hands, sidestep to the other side, continue.

See Defending - Line jumps, 5star plyometrics, Post play - Rim touching, Power slams, Pasquali agility.

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