Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Post play
Power slams


4 and 5 on each side of the basket jump up, bang their ball against the backboard with both hands 10 times, chin the ball in between.
Option - finish with pump fake, power layup.
- bangs with shot fake - bang the ball 5 times, shot fake, go up strong to score,
- bang with shot fake and foul - one bang then score, coach continuously fouls on the bang and the score.
SNYB - bangs (wall taps) - each player stands at a wall holding a ball overhead, jump for 10 seconds, bang the ball against the wall at the top of each jump.
Augie Johnston - vertical leap workout - holding a medicine ball or basketball overhead, do 3 sets of 8 reps for each exercise with a break in between sets,
drop step right and spin, jump off both feet, regain, go back the other way (drop step left and spin), jump up, continue
- start on the baseline, move forward jumping on one foot, then the other foot
- use a backboard if available, jump off two feet, tap the ball on the backboard, go back up immediately.
See Post play - Dantley drill, Mikan then move.

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