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Post play
Mikan then move


Kevin Sutton
FIBA Assist, issue 17

4 does a four-shot Mikan drill, runs behind the baseline, inbounds to coach, sprints around a cone at halfcourt and back for a pass and finish.

(Option - swim or sit and spin)


- catch and shoot
- catch, shot fake, drive or shoot
- shoot as a trailer who ballscreens, then pick and roll, pick and pop, early slip

At the end, 5 free throws.

(Variation - outlet to coach)

coachesclipboard.ca - tap-tap pitch follow - bang the ball twice on the backboard, outlet to coach, run to halfcourt and back a) for a trail jump shot, b) dive for a seal, call for the ball, score.

See Post play - Terps rebound explode out, Battle ground.

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