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2 on 0 side

Radcliffe Golbourne
2008 Masters of Basketball Coaching Clinic

2 on 0 attacking series, then go 2 on 2 with defenders.


1 passes to coach, basket (speed) cuts, straddles the weakside lane line, then clears to the weakside wing, always seeing the ball. 2 replaces 1.
- add a guided defender on 1 who jumps to the ball or not, 1 face cuts or backcuts
- 2 fills through the elbow (read spot)
- coach passes to 1 for a give-and-go layup
- coach passes to 2 who drives for a layup.
Sean Miller - 1 on 1 Vegas closeouts - add defender X1, who jumps to the ball on the pass to coach then gets to a help position.
Canada Basketball - 1 passes, cuts to the basket (ballside), opens up, balances out to the weakside corner while looking for the ball (and will then blast cut).
Don Kelbick - a) 1 gets a return pass from coach for a layup, b) coach passes to 2 filling the top, for a shot.
See Tactics - Teaching 4-out motion.


a) The ball is reversed to 1, who rips and attacks the basket, 1 and 2 switch lines.
- 2 fills behind the drive
- 1 passes to 2 filling behind and exit cuts
- 2 makes a return pass to 1 on the exit cut.
Miller - X1 closes out on the pass to 1, it's live.

b) Coach passes to 2, 1 cuts backdoor for a pass from the top.
(Option - add a guided defender on 1, who denies or allows a pass)

c) 2 drives from the top, kicks it out to 1 for a shot.
Canada Basketball - 2 catches at the top with a jump stop, already square to the basket, attacks with a crossover move, and passes if 1 shows his hands. Progressions
- guided defence
- live 2-on-2, coach is always open for a pass from the attackers.

d) 2 passes to 1, basket cuts and clears weakside, 1 drives baseline and passes to 2 drifting baseline for a shot.
(Variation - 2 gets a return pass on the basket cut)
See Shooting - Jr. NBA kick-out.

e) 2 passes to 1 and follows to ballscreen.

- add a defender on 1 or 2, then a second defender
- 2 follows to get a handback.

See Shooting - Sidescreens, Jenkins ballscreens, Hand-backs, Attack/defend - Mike MacKay ballscreens, Pick and drive.

f) 2 dribbles at 1 for a hand-off.
(Variations - 1 sets a step-up ballscreen, or backcuts)

See Attack/defend - Pistol action, Shooting - Dribble handoffs.

2) Off-ball screening

1 passes to coach then 2 flarescreens for 1 (and goes opposite).

(Variation - 1 screens away for 2)
Kelbick - 1 screens for 2, a) 2 cuts towards the ball, 1 goes to the basket, 2 gets a pass, b) 1 gets the pass, c) 2 curl cuts the screen for a pass, 1 comes back high.

See Attack/defend - Allison McNeill screening, Shooting - Bauer two-ball screening, Tactics - Bauer 4 on 2 motion.up

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