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On the perimeter, pass and follow for a handback or cut off the ballhandler. After making a handback the screener can pop, or roll to the basket with an open post, it's like a ballscreen.

coachesclipboard.ca - follow a pass for a handback, go by the screen hip to hip, the screener rolls to the basket after the handback, looking for a bounce pass. The screener can fake the hand-back, take one dribble towards the middle and hit the cutter going to the basket.

Pete Newell - a reverse pivot on the inside pivot foot allows you to screen with your back for a handoff on the perimeter.

a) On the right side, 2 passes to 1, follows the pass for a hand-back, goes by the screen, takes one dribble and shoots. 1 rolls opposite to the basket, rebounds, and switches lines with the ball. 2 takes 1's place on the wing.

Progression - 2 shoots from behind the screen.

Bob Huggins - after passing, a player can basket cut, screen away, or go to the ball for a handback or a rub cut off the ballhandler, do not pass and stand. Use inside handbacks if the on-ball defender sags off, e.g., the defender of a big on the perimeter. On an inside handback, 2 gets the ball and goes baseline, 1 goes middle to the basket. On an outside handback, 2 reads how the defenders are playing him and drives one way or the other (e.g., away from the best defender), 1 goes opposite to the basket, or 2 will shoot from behind if the defenders stand back. Option - in a game, 1-2-3 can pass and go for a handback, 4 goes to ballscreen.

b) On the left side, 4 hits roller 3 with a bounce pass for a layup.


c) 2 fakes a handback, takes one dribble towards the middle and hits cutter 5 going to the basket.

2 goes to the other passing line with the ball. 5 can replace 2, but to keep the drill moving have the previous shooter replace 2, then 5 replaces.

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