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Mike MacKay ballscreens

Mike MacKay

a) 2 on 0

Use both sides, coach is the passer.

The screener should sprint to set a legal ballscreen from a blind spot of the defence, taking a good angle so that xdribbler can't go under the screen (option - use a chair or stationary coach as xdribbler). The ballhandler should catch in shooting range, fake to set up his man before using the screen, go by shoulder to shoulder, and read the defence.

b) 2 on 1, add a defender on the screener.

Read and react to the defender, e.g., attack the top foot on a hard hedge, look to split.
See Attack/defend - Pick and drive (defender on the ballhandler).

c) 2 on 2

Use various ways to defend ballscreens so attackers can learn their reads.

Work on different ballscreens, e.g., a middle (area) ballscreen.

See Defending - Greenvale ballscreens, Pitt 2 on 2 ballscreens, Messina ballscreens, Celtics ballscreens, also Spurs 4 on 4 ballscreens.
Bill Self - Weakside defenders jumping to the midline (YouTube) - X4 and X3 get ballside and can bluff (when there is a ballscreen on one side of the floor, regardless of how you defend it all weakside defenders have to jump to the midline).

d) 3 on 3

Work on using and reading a help defender [and making a triangle pass].

See Defending - Messina ballscreens, Utah Jazz hands drill, Attack/defend - 3 on 3 sidescreen, Schepp 3 on 3 ballscreens, Scrimmage - UCLA-ballscreen.

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