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5 possessions

A halfcourt scrimmage staple, 5 possessions each then switch, use regular scoring or give points for stops.

Option - one point for an offensive rebound.

Dean Smith - 5 possessions each, the defence gets 2 points if the offence does not get off a shot, 1 point for a defensive rebound, no points if they foul or the offence scores.

Quinn Snyder - 5 possessions, score on defence, 1 point for a stop, 2 points for a charge, losers run.
Gregg Popovich - only the defence scores, they get 1 point for a stop and lose 1 point if they give up an offensive rebound. It's a push - no points - if they give up an offensive rebound then make a stop. See Scrimmage - Spurs 4 on 4 on 4.
See Defending - 4 on 4 shell.

Variation - one team stays on offence, the other on defence, give points to both, flip-flop after each game, see Scrimmage - 5 on 5 halfcourt to 7, Attack/defend - Tom Crean 4 on 3.

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