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Spurs 4 on 4 on 4

Gregg Popovich

(See YouTube video - My Favourite Drills and Motion Offence)

3 teams of 4 players each. Only the defence scores, they get 1 point for a stop and lose 1 point if they give up an offensive rebound. It's a push - no points - if they give up an offensive rebound then make a stop. First team to 7 points wins.

Team O attacks team X, team X stays on defence with a stop and passes to coach on the sideline, who passes to team 3 coming in on attack from halfcourt. Team O leaves to the sidelines then halfcourt.

Team O switches to defence with a score, team X goes off, team 3 attacks. A coach under the basket gets the ball on a score and passes to the sideline coach, who passes to team 3.

If team X fouls, team O keeps possession on a non-shooting foul, shoots two free throws if fouled on a shot, goes on defence if both are made, and team X gets a stop on a defensive rebound.

To begin with, don't allow ballscreens or post-ups, then start with a ballscreen, screen away from the ball, etc.


- defence is out if they foul, or give up an offensive rebound
- 5 on 5, two teams.

Brett Brown - cut-throat defence - go outside cones to halfcourt.

Tony Barone - only the defence scores, if coach doesn't like the defence, blow the whistle and get them off. Give the defence 1 point for 3 deflections on a play. Play 4 on 4, 5 on 4 (attacker at the high post, use a manager), and 6 on 4 (attackers in the corners). The third team is on the baseline, on "change" the ballhandler drops the ball and can't guard it, the defence attacks the other basket, then walk back.
Herb Brown
a) 4 on 4 halfcourt stops - when the defence gets a stop they get a point, outlet to coach on the sideline, sprint toward halfcourt, and remain on defence against four new attackers, who get a pass from coach. If the defence gives up an offensive rebound before making a stop, they stay on defence but get no point. Offence switches to defence if they score (but earns no point), otherwise goes to the end of the offensive line. Play until one team has 7 stops.
b) 4 on 4 halfcourt shell - 3 teams, a team can score only by getting defensive stops, you can also have them stay on defence as long they get stops, or make them get two or three stops in a row. They lose a stop if they give up an offensive rebound, even if they don't give up a basket on the possession. You can script offensive sequences and how to defend them.
Mike Raimbault - 5 stops to win, rotate O to D to off each time, a coach in the middle of the paint has a ball, each defender has a hand on the ball, coach passes to any attacker, it's live on the close-out, coach rotates teams if he doesn't like the defence (e.g., no one calls "ball").
Mads Olesen - Fullcourt Kings of the Court - teams of three players, 3 on 3, attackers start from the other end, defenders get a point for a stop and stay on defence, attackers must score to get on defence, the next team attacks immediately on a stop or score, keeping pressure on the defence, first team to 4-8 stops. Can be done 2-on-2 to 5-on-5.
See Defending - Woodley 3 on 3, Scrimmage - Cut-throat (defensive).up

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