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Post play
Bill Self

Bill Self

4 and 5 pass to coaches, get return passes, make a post move and shoot, rebound and switch lines. 6 and 7 go next.

Post players have one go-to move and a counter move, used from both sides and in both directions. They can also step off the block (e.g., a Sikma move) to shoot or attack the basket.

This is a simple set-up to work on post moves, for other set-ups see
- Big man X (solo shooting, spin a pass)
- 5star post moves (players work in pairs, use multiple baskets)
- Pitt post series, Florida off the block, V-cut shooting (pass to coach from weakside, cut for a pass)
- 5star inside shots, 5star post flash (one line of players has balls, the other line cuts for a pass)
- Double cuts (both lines of players have balls, alternate cuts from each side)
- 5star five moves (four lines of players, two balls).

Optionally add coaches as defenders, or players rotate, e.g. defend, attack, go off (see Pete Newell post moves, With defender), attackers can pass back out and re-post.

Don Kelbick - every pivot has a counter, a) front pivot counter is a step through [step-across is a step-through counter], b) drop step counter is an inside (reverse) pivot; c) inside pivot counter is a sweep move [crossover is a sweep move counter].

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