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Free throws
In the bank

Ian MacKinnon

Divide the players into two groups, one at each basket. Each group starts with 1 point "in the bank", each player takes one free throw then change the shooter, on a make add one point to the bank, on a miss the player gets all the points in the bank and there is 1 point in the bank for the next shot (no free misses). Players are out when they get to 7 points until only one player is left at each basket.

Option - the two winners compete at one basket to determine an overall champion, remaining players pick a winner (go to one side or the other) then run up and back if they're wrong.
Mike Kenny - do in-the-bank close-range form shooting.
Allison McNeil - buckets - three players at each basket, start at the block with no points in the bucket, there's no elimination, play until one player gets 5 points then start another game. Go back to 0 on a miss, it's a good miss when there's nothing in the bucket. For a team thing, which group makes the most shots in a row (most points in the bucket).
Mike Neighbors - 10 up - regular scoring (2's and 3's), shoot from 5 spots around the world, start in the corner with two lines, a passing line out top has three balls and passes to a shooting line in the corner [always pass through an open spot], stay at spot one until someone is eliminated (10 points), move to spot two, all points carry over, continue until there is a winner.
Bill Pangos - 7-up free-throw game - out on 7 points, normally the count goes back to 0 on a miss, for a quicker game the count stays on until someone makes a shot, then the count goes to 1 (not 0).
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