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Team chase

Two teams, each with one ball, start at opposite corners. O1 and X1 dribble around the perimeter with their right hand (other players leave room for them), jump stop, hand the ball to the next player on their team, continue. After one minute, which team has closed the gap on the other team? Repeat going clockwise with the left hand.


- completely circle one or more cones from the outside or inside (not the home cone)
- go until one ball catches the other
- players can pass to the next player
- players run without a ball (or run-slide-backpedal-slide, for example).

See Dribbling - 4-corner relay, Relay races, also Defending - Nash triangle slides, Lane slides, Footwork - Triangle.

Variation - put slalom courses on opposite sides (an odd number of cones)
Steve Nash Youth Basketball - roller derby - two teams (with pinnies), everyone has a ball and dribbles around the track trying to pass players on the other team. Eliminate each player who is passed, or the player who did the passing. Other variations
- change direction on a signal from coach
- reduce the size of the track as players are eliminated
- four teams, starting at each corner.
(Variation - a point for each player passed on the other team, no one is eliminated)

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