Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills


When coach yells "ready", the players yell "defence", slap the floor with both hands, get into a defensive stance. On "go", the players start stationary machine gun footwork, running on the spot. When coach points to his right (left), the players jump 90 degrees to their left (right) and back to their starting position.


- if coach points up, players jump (David Faucher)
- on "shot", players pretend to block or contest a shot
- on "ball", players drop to the floor as if diving for a loose ball, then get back up
- do two push-ups after 30 seconds, continue
- if coach points straight away, players pop back then forward.

Variation - how many times can the right foot hit the floor in 15 seconds?

Kian Nejad - hot feet, coach points left, right, up (jump), down (loose ball).

See Defending - Duke reaction, Nash wave, Hip turns, Popping.

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