Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Duke reaction drills

Coach K

a) Defensive slides

Coach points left or right, players facing coach slide in that direction, when coach stops pointing, players slide to return to their starting positions (use flat cones to mark them). Go for 15 seconds, then the next group comes on.
Lee Taft - only 8 seconds for speed training.
(Variation - to work on diagonal retreat slides, have players spread out along the far sideline, sprint to the near sideline, pitter-patter, drop step or hip turn and slide back left and right as coach points, until returning to the starting sideline)

b) Hip rotation

Same set-up, but when coach points right or left, the players instantly rotate their hips and feet 90 degrees in that direction then rotate back, but always keep their shoulders square to coach.

(Option - players pitter-patter)

See Defending - Footfire, Hip turns, Nash wave.

b) Changes of direction

Players simply change direction (e.g., crossover step) and sprint, they are not doing defensive slides. Players backpedal if coach points away.
Lee Taft - only 8 seconds for speed training.

Tara VanDerveer

- direction turn - run forward, change direction on each whistle (180 degrees)
 - forwards and backwards - run forwards then backwards on each whistle.

(Progression - slide, change direction on a whistle)

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