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Celtics hedging

Brad Stevens
Brayden Carr 2016

Science of a ballscreen hedge,

- hand on the screener's back
- parallel with the sideline
- two hard steps up the court
- listen for guard's "back" call as he moves underneath you
- run back to the lane, be directed by the guys positioned in help.

If your team is athletic, switch everything and enjoy winning.

Eric Spoelstra - the show is a way of keeping your matchups intact. Inside hand on screener's back (vs. a slip), attack the ballhandler, get out right to his chest, redirect him, you don't need to slide, just redirect him. Allow guard back underneath, retreat to man with hands in the air, looking over your shoulder, trust it, don't worry about your man.

Frank Martin - over/under - the mistake most players make is they stay under; go under and get back to the ballhandler's inside hip.

a) Sidescreens

4 (a shooter) ballscreens, X4 hedges, defenders X2-X3-X5 zone up, X5 and X4 "X-switch" on a pass to 4 popping.

See Defence - Procopio ballscreens, O'Neill ballscreens.

Reverse the ball to 2, 5 ballscreens.

Against a spread ballscreen, the ultimate helper on the roll is weakside corner defender X5, who meets the roll in front of the charge circle.

If single-side bump guy X3 gets pulled in on 5's roll, it's too easy for the offence to throwback to 3 on a lift.

X1 starts inching out as the ball is dribbled at him and takes first pass to 4 (or 1).

b) Middle ballscreen

X1 sends the ball one way, Weak (left) or Strong.

X4 hedges if 4 is a pop guy, they will rotate to a great pick and pop player (shown).

The screen defender drops if the screener is a roller, don't let him get underneath.

If 1 wants to snake the high pick and roll, X1 needs to chase it down and try to get back in front.

Tom Thibodeau - "soft" with the 5, "show" with the 4 (up the court, not out, to recover on the screener popping).

See Defending - Celtics ballscreens, Defence - Severns ballscreens.up

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