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Kevin O'Neill - ballscreens

Kevin O'Neill


Offensively, 4 comes out from the elbow to set the screen (he can't make 3 come uphill and let X3 slide through). 3 steps over baseline to set up his man, the weakside is in a "tilt", with 5 ready to duck in and 1 and 2 ready to shoot. The screener pops back or rolls to the basket.

Defensively, xscreener X4 calls the coverage (e.g., show left) and X3 goes from a no-middle stance to driving the ball to the screen, giving 3 only one way to go. X1 is the X-man, on the nail, X2 is the hold man, and X5 is the rotator, they go to these spots and call them out. When a big goes out you know it's to set a screen.

a) Blitz (trap)

X3 and X4 stay with the trap until 3 passes or takes two hard dribbles towards midcourt. High hands, force a hang-time pass, no split or dribble-around.

Recovering on a pass, the trappers get to the line of the ball, X3 sprints to the elbow, X4 sprints to the basket. On a pass to 1, everyone recovers to their own. On a throw-back to 4 (shown), X5 takes the ball and X4 takes 5 (X5 and X4 switch). X2 gets an arm in front of 5 as X4 is recovering, then gets back to 2. On a skip pass from 4 to 2, X1 would take him.

b) Show

X4 shows high, chest to the ball, X2 goes over the screen but under X4. X4 will get back to 4 (no switch), 4 is not a great shooter.

c) Contact switch

Switch on a small-small or big-big ballscreen, or the last 8 seconds regardless of size. X4 is at the level of the screen, hand on, jumps the dribbler hard, X3 goes behind the screener to pick him up.
Ryan Krueger - for a sidescreen, the angle should be between back to the opposite corner if the defence is going under the screen, and chest to the sideline if the defence is going over [so optionally xdribbler calls the coverage to go over a screen that is set back to the opposite corner, and under a screen that is chest to the sideline].

Step-up ballscreen

Blitz until a pass, use the sideline and baseline to trap. X1 moves over.

X1 stunts at 4 on a throw-back then gets back to his, X4 recovers to 4. If 4 is a great shooter, call a rotation for it.

High Screen

a) Show high-low

2 and 3 are in the corners, X2 and X3 squeeze to the paint (shrink the floor) when they see the ballscreen. 4 picks and rolls, 5 replaces. X4 shows high, X1 goes over the screen but under X4.

If you show high, stay high. X5 takes roll guy 4, meeting him high and standing him up.

X4 recovers to the foul line (shrink position) and guards 5.

Other ways to guard the high screen include going under (1 can't shoot), blitzing, and switching.

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