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Procopio ballscreens

Mike Procopio

See Defending - Procopio 3 on 3 shrink.

1) Sidescreen

Defence has to know what the offence wants to do, and vice versa. Run your offence and defence around your personnel.

1 dribbles down to the wing, 4 ballscreens.

a) Hard show

X4 yells "show" 3-4 times, X1 changes his coverage to make 1 come to the screen, X4 shows by taking two hard slides up on the angle of the screen (veer 1 off, don't let him turn the corner, or split), X1 goes under the screen, or over the screen and under X4, X5 sprints out to meet 4 as soon as he can (bump the roller), X3 is the cover man, he has to sit on 5's top leg, X4 sprints back with high hands to bump X3 back to his man (X3 can't leave until bumped).

If 1 makes a pass to 3 in the corner, it's hard for X3 to get back, the rotation is X2 takes the ball and X4 bumps X3, who takes 2.

Herb Brown - nail man X2 helps stop the dribbler, X1 forces middle and goes under the screen, X4 hard contact shows or zones up to let X1 through, then recovers to the screener. Optionally on a show and under or a trap (show and over) they pre-rotate big-to-big, X5 rotates early to 4 then X4 rotates to 5. Many teams rotate big-to-big if the ball is kicked back to the screener but recover to their own if the ball goes to the other side of the floor.

See Defences - Van Gundy ballscreens, Kevin O'Neill ballscreens.

b) Ice

X1 forces 1 away from the screen, X4 just contains baseline, X2 is very important.

If 4 picks and stays (shown), X2 bluffs at him, giving X4 time to get back.

If 1 does go over the screen and X1 gets lost, X2 takes the ball, X3 covers 2, and X1 sprints under to cover 3.

Ian MacKinnon - X2 takes 4 popping, if X1 contains 1, X4 rotates out and has leftovers, if X4 has to help on 1, X1 has leftovers.

Del Harris - decide if you want X4 to recover on a pass to 4, or have X2 rotate if 4 is a great shooter (then X3 takes 2 and X4 bumps X5).

Herb Brown - X1 gets on the high side to force 1 away from the screen, X4 drops off 4 toward the basket to corral a straight-line drive, prepared to stop the ball and trap. If 4 pops, is not a shooter, and gets a pass, X4 will rotate back to him, X2 fakes a rotation and recovers to 2. If 4 is a shooter, X2 rotates to him, X4 rotates across the lane. Defenders can force sideline if the ballside corner is filled, there is strong-side help. Squeeze is another sidescreen option.

Chad Iske (Denver Nuggets) - 5 coverage - on any side pick and roll (outside the elbows), keep the ball on the side, force down/baseline, X4 calls it, X1 doesn't look for the screen, gets into 1 to fight over, forces him down (no middle), X4 protects baseline side, gets to the level of the screen (Tim Duncan will stay back and let the guard come at him), no split, they love it if 1 tries to beat them on the baseline, they can trap (5 blitz), in normal 5, X1 can say "I'm back, get out". X2 stunts if 4 pops.

coachesclipboard.ca - if the screener is not a shooter, an effective offensive tactic is for 1 to catch or dribble the ball closer to the lane, and 4 slips a screen.

If 4 rolls, X5 bumps him, X3 covers down on 5, X2 takes a pass to 2 (or to 3), then X4 would bump over X5 and X3, everybody recovers to their own.

Del Harris - X5 rotates to 4 on the roll if X4 doesn't get back to him, X4 rotates across weakside to pick up open man 5.

Herb Brown - if 4 dives, X2 steps over to force him behind, X5 crosses the lane and picks up 4 at the dotted line, X3 rotates back to protect the goal and get inside low-post 5. If 1 passes to 2 or 3, all defenders recover to their own while the ball is in the air, not after the catch. They prefer to force sideline and trap a corner pick and roll, then front the post, cover the ballside elbow and weak box. If 4 sets a step-up screen, X1 fights over (or switch similar size).

Chad Iske - X2 (top of the i) tags (bumps) if 4 rolls, hands him off to X5 (bottom of the i), X3 gets on 5's legs, protecting, on a pass to 2, everyone gets back to their own, X4 pushes X5 back to 5.

2) High pick and roll

With 99% of teams, 5 rolls and 4 replaces. 1's options are
- turn the corner
- drive and kick to 2
- skip pass to 3 moving out of the corner (a tough pass)
- hit the roller
- hit the replace guy, who can shoot, look for a high-low pass to 5 ducking in, dribble handoff to 3, or pass to 3 and follow to ballscreen.

Do this as a 5 on 0 series. 1 wants to be close as 5 sets the screen or X1 will veer him away.

a) Hard show

Defensively, show all the time if you have the personnel. X5 yells "show, show, show", X1 was forcing left, now takes 1 into the screen, there's a triangle of help, X5 takes two hard slides up, X1 goes over the screen and under X5, X4 takes the roll man, meeting him before he gets inside the foul line, X5 sprints with high hands to meet replace guy 4 (it's a switch).

b) Sag back and contain

X5 sags back as 5 sets the screen, then moves his feet to contain 1, force him to pull up or veer off. X1 can go over the screen or under, based on how the high the screen is and whether 1 is a shooter. X2 doesn't leave ballside 2.

Option - late switch - X5 sags then switches if 1 penetrates, X1 takes 5. riding him inside to take away the roll. X1 and X5 switch back if 1 dribbles underneath the basket like Steve Nash.

Herb Brown - X5 zones up, X1 goes under (also zone up and go under drag screens, they usually happen in transition, it's difficult to stay connected to the screener). Other ways to defend a high pick and roll include
- trap
- squeeze, then trap a re-screen
- switch similar size
- switch regardless of size in short-clock situations
- send the dribbler towards his weak hand or away from the screen, X5 zones up in centrefield.

Chad Iske - Weak

X1 forces the ballhandler to his weak hand, X5 is at the level of the screen, makes 1 string the dribble out to the sideline [a soft show] until X1 gets back, X3 is in plug position, X2 and X4 get in weakside-i positions, with X2 at the top. X2 tags roll-man 5 and hands him off to X4.

Some teams have X5 show vertically (it's easier to get back), slower/bigger teams use "drops" to keep the ball in front of them, X5 doesn't get to the level of the screen, he makes you shoot over him.

X5 recovers to replace-guy 4 (the bigs must communicate on this).

If 5 picks and pops, X2 stunts, X5 recovers to 5.

Weak blitz - X5 and X1 trap, X2 tags the roller, hands him off to X4, takes the first pass, X5 recovers back to the paint, X4 takes second pass. If 5 pops, X2 rotates to him.up

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