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Post play

As the ball is passed from the wing to the point, step into the lane with the inside (left) foot, across a defender.

Variation - step into the lane with the outside (right) foot, forward pivot or reverse pivot (leg whip) to seal for a pass.

Bill Pangos - one passer at the top, players on both sides of the lane alternate duck-ins, coach near the basket with a blocking pad makes contact.

See Post play - High-low passing, Swing and seal.


The duck-in is a weakside low-post move done when the defender plays below the attacker. The weakside low post faces the basket and steps across the defender with his inside foot and sits on the defender's thigh. The inside elbow goes into the defender's chest to form an "L" with the palm facing the passer. The target hand is usually low for a bounce pass, but the pass can go high if there is a significant size advantage. The passer must get tight to his defender to make the pass, taking one dribble at the elbow to close the gap then fake high and pass low with a knee-to-knee bounce pass. When the post goes to the basket to score it should be back in the direction he came from, away from help.

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