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Post play
High-low passing

Ian MacKinnon

2 has a ball on the wing, 4 is posting, 3 flashes across the foul line for a pass from 2 and passes to 4 inside for a shot. Rotate wing players to cutters to shooters, 3 is the next shooter, 4 rebounds his shot and goes behind 1.

a) Hi-low pass

4 reverse pivots on his top (right) foot to seal for a pass to his right hand (he would be fronted when 2 has the ball).

b) Duck-in

4 steps into the middle with his right foot,

- 3 passes to his inside (right) hand, 4 forward pivots on his right foot and takes a left-hand jump hook
- 3 passes to his outside (left) hand, 4 forward pivots on his left foot for a power layup.
- 4 ducks in from weakside, see Post play - Sherri Coale post feeds
- 1 on 1.
See Offence - High-low.

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