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Florida 4-line

Larry Shyatt

Four lines of players with two balls. 1 and 3 pass back and forth while sprinting to the far baseline, so do 2 and 4. The wings stay out of bounds, passers call receivers names (holler names, loud and proud), catch and pass with two hands, every pass has backspin. This is a running not passing drill, about 3.5 seconds fullcourt (optionally do it without a ball, pretending to pass), it's a race.

Basketball PEI Coaching Notes - jump stop into triple threat on each catch, optionally add shot fakes, pivots, sweeps.

Repeat coming back, switch lines, the next pairs are ready to go.


- two teams, one on each side, which pair of teammates can finish first (optionally place the ball behind or on the near baseline), no dribbling, traveling, or fumbling the ball to the floor
- inside-hand kick passes (two-hand catch, two hands on the ball to pass)
- inside-hand one dribble then kick pass, optionally with no outside hand after the catch
- 6 lines with many players.
Krause, Meyer & Meyer - dribble with the outside hand, quick (jump) stop, push pass with the inside hand, receiver calls passer's name, catches with feet in air, repeat.

For other options see Passing - Two teams, Crossfire, and Ganon Baker partner.


Each player has a ball, the outside players bounce pass, the inside players chest pass to the baseline and back.

Billy Donovan - then vice versa.

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