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Frankston Blues

Four lines on the baseline, 1 and 4 have balls and stay in their lines, 2 and 3 always pass back to the player they got the ball from then break opposite for the next pass. Switch inside and outside players at the other end.

That's a Foul (Sept. 2002) - Interchange - the balls start with 2 and 3, at halfcourt come back to the baseline or go fullcourt.

The Drill (April 2006) - balls start in the outside lanes.
Patrick Flynn - at the far end, 2 and 3 follow their last passes to pick and roll or pop (or dribble-handoff), 1 and 4 come off to shoot or hit the roll or pop.
See Passing - Florida 4-line, Two teams.


- players stay in their lines, 1 and 3 pass to each other, 2 and 4 pass to each other (shown)
- outside players cut to the basket at the far foul line for a pass and layup.
- stay in lines, 2 and 3 short pass to each other, 1 and 4 long pass to each other

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