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Up to three balls at each end. Players dribble, make a hard, flat pass to coach, run hard for a return pass showing a target hand, on the pass coach calls out the shot to be made - layup, reverse layup, bank shot, foul-line pull-up, 3-point shot, crossover middle, etc. Go 3 minutes then switch sides.
(Option - outlet pass to coach, who throws a long pass, chase it down)
See Layups - Tennessee, 85 in 2, Fast break - Transition finishing.

- coaches are inside or in the corners (shown)
- no-dribble layups
- catch and shoot, pull-ups
- primary moves (e.g. inside out), secondary moves (change direction)
- use a cone line or zig-zag cones in the backcourt.
Ray Lokar - fullcourt head's up - in a fullcourt dribble drill, coach stands upcourt, when he shows his target hands the dribbler must pass and cut to the basket for a return pass.
See Shooting - 6-shot series, Dematha 4-corner jumpers, Give and go, Passing - Fullcourt elbows, Dribbling - Fullcourt zig-zag, also Dribbling series (Cones).

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