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Fast break
5 on 0 trips

5 on 0 primary or secondary fast break. Start play with a made basket, a toss off the backboard, or a perimeter shot (inbound on a make, outlet on a miss). Trip options include

- upcourt and stay
- up, jog back outside
- up and back
- 3 trips and stay
- 4 trips
- 5 trips, everyone shoots.

Score on every trip, or break on misses. Shot options include layups, perimeter shots, drive and kick, or get the ball into the first big. 4 is a designated rebounder, or 5 can rebound then trail.

Lawrence Frank - 5 trips in 24 seconds.

Frankston Blues - 3-5 trips with coach calling out the passing sequence before scoring, e.g., 1-2-3 (1 passes ahead to 2 who skips it to 3).

Jim Calhoun - 4 trips, two primary breaks (one is a high-low, get the ball into the post), two regular secondaries (get the ball moving).

Rick Torbett - players circle under the hoop, coach shoots, any player can rebound and push the ball upcourt, other players fill lanes, the ballhandler pretends the fast break fails and stops at any perimeter position, when the wings hit the arc they basket cut and keep going to change sides, and can optionally set backscreens for the two trailers. Go a set number of trips, each trip with specific offensive action, break on misses, inbound on makes.

See Fast break - Florida five cycles, Six cycles, Shootout, Beep-beep, DeMatha Bingo recognition, Petitgoue lead-up drills, Izzo 5 on 0, Tar Heels 5 on 0, Bradley 5 on 0, and Tennessee 4 on 0, 5 on 0.

A series for kids (with spacing on penetration) can be:

- 1 drives for a layup
- 1 to 2 for a layup
- 1 to 4 to 3 for a layup
- 1 to 4 for a layup
- 1 to 5 at the rim (or 1 to 2 to 5).

Optionally repeat and finish with a drive and kick each time, this can be freelance or scripted, e.g., 1 to 2 who drives baseline and hits 3 drifting to the weakside corner.

For a series that combines motion with drive and kick, have 1 pass to 2 and cut to the weakside corner (shown), then 2 drives baseline or middle for a layup or for a kick-out to 1, 3, 4, or 5, repeat until all players have shot.

Or have 1 reverse the ball to 4, who passes to 3 and cuts through, then 3 drives middle or baseline (with an open post).

Dribble-drive sequences can also be done.

See Fast break - Six cycles, 6-cycle dribble-drive, Offence - Calipari dribble-drive, Shooting - Dribble-drive.

Ian MacKinnon

Go up and back, then the next group goes. All players start in the lane, 4 tosses the ball off the backboard and rebounds. Variations include

- fast break to a layup, or two-dribble drive and kick for a perimeter or post touch
- motion, set offence, or secondary break, coach can specify options
- coach shoots to start play
- everything is a miss (always outlet), or a make (always inbound)
- 3 plays - halfcourt attack (14 seconds to shoot) to primary fast break, back to halfcourt attack (14 seconds).

Option - 4 always rebounds.
Marg Jones
- up and back, primary fast break - wing attack, post dive, or skip and seal
- up and back, two drives and a post touch before shooting.

Variation - players circle, coach shoots, outlet (or break-out dribble) on a miss or make, repeat with another coach at the far basket, continue (see Fast break - Circle break).

To work on press offence, start with an inbounds pass or first make a basket, e.g., start with halfcourt motion offence, make five passes and score (or run motion until coach yells "score it"). Option - walk back outside while the next group goes.

See Fast break - Six cycles, Florida five cycles.

Secondary break options

a) Halfcourt then fullcourt

Start with a halfcourt attack then go fullcourt.

Bill McNally - keep going, coach calls the play each trip.

Roy Williams - go back and forth running plays that are not calls, then plays that are calls.

b) Halfcourt

Run the secondary break halfcourt at each basket, 1 and trailer 4 start at midcourt, 2 and 3 are wide and 5 under the rim.

Option - 5-man weave baseline to halfcourt, come back on attack.

Ian MacKinnon - 5 on 0 sets at each basket, all players touch halfcourt after scoring.

See Fast break - Tar Heels 5 on 0, 5 on 0 both ways, Mayhem.up

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