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Group circle knockout

5-6 players all dribble in a free-throw or centre circle, trying to protect their ball while knocking other balls out of the circle. If a player's ball leaves the circle, that player is replaced by one of the players outside the circle.

FIBA Europe - chicken fight - every player dribbles a ball, use a larger area with more players (e.g., inside the 3-point line), each player tries to knock out other balls or force other players to double dribble or step out of bounds, the winner is the last one dribbling.
Ray Lokar - start play inside the 3-point line, when down to 5 players go in the key (including the top of the key), when down to 2 players go in the circle. When you're out, get on a line, work on stationary dribbling. If the drill gets too lazy, coach can blow the whistle, go get somebody or you're out.
Brian McCormick - dribble knock-out inside the 3-point line, if you get knocked out, get behind the arc with your ball, dribble and move around, trying to knock out a ball to get back inside. Progression - use the paint and top of the key.
Jr. NBA Canada - Swipers - fullcourt, hold the ball overhead if it gets knocked away, if another player rolls a ball between your legs, come back in the game.
See Jr. NBA - Ballhandling (Games), YouTube video - Dribble knock-out (George Karl).

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