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Dribble tag

All players dribble in a halfcourt, including. 'it' players O1 and O2. How many players can they tag by hand in 30 seconds while dribbling (they can't tag the same player twice in a row)? Switch taggers for the next round. Specify the dribbling hand.

Option - O1 and O2 are on different teams, each tries to tag as many players on the other team as possible.
See Gooroo video - Dribble tag (George Karl), also Dribble freeze tag (Jr. NBA).


- have 1 or 3 taggers
- coach is the tagger to start, and can later let a less-skilled player tag him (David Faucher)
- tagged players go off
- they perform a task (e.g., two free throws), come back on
- tagged players are frozen, with arms in the air tipping a ball back and forth
- teammates can unfreeze them by dribbling between their legs
- players tagged by taggers become taggers, who is it when the whistle blows
- taggers can't be re-tagged by the player they tag.

FIBA Europe - Freeze - all players are dribbling, one player (or more with a larger group) is trying to tag all the others, once a player is tagged he has to remain in position, he can be reactivated by an active player dribbling through his legs.
Bill Pangos
- one player is it (start in the centre circle), a tagged player becomes it, the player who's it when time is up does 10 push-ups or sit-ups, or a 5 and 5 (5 of each)
- 1-3 players are it, tagged players move off the court, tag everyone in 30-45 seconds, or the last player is the winner
- frozen tag - 2 players are it, frozen players do overhead finger taps, other players dribble through their legs to free them, option - weakhand dribbling for everyone, with dominant hand on the top of their head (except for "it" players when tagging).
Al Sokaitis - inside the arc, one player is it to start, who's it after 30 seconds, or one player is it for 30 seconds, try to tag everyone else, option - only weakhand dribbling.
Brian McCormick - individual tag - halfcourt, 3 players have balls and are it, if they tag somebody, give them their ball.
See Dribbling - McCormick partners, Jr. NBA - Ballhandling (Games).

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