Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Agility drills

1) Agility - Foran and Pound (FIBA Assist 30)
a) Four corners

Start in the middle of the lane facing the foul line,
- sprint to corner 1 (the right elbow), backpedal to the start,
- shuffle to corner 2, shuffle left to the start,
- backpedal to corner 3, sprint to the start,
- shuffle left to corner 4 (the other elbow), shuffle to the start.
Dave Malowski - coach shows 1, 2, 3 or 4 fingers, the player in the middle sprints to touch that cone with a hand then recovers back to the middle, keep going, progression while dribbling.

b) Extended lane

Put four cones on the foul-line extended 3-6-9-12 feet from the sideline, start from the corner, sprint to cone 1, backpedal to the baseline, repeat for cones 2-3-4, jump as high as possible, shuffle across the lane and back.

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2)  Conditioning circuits & agility (Complete Conditioning for Basketball, Human Kinetics)
a) Backpedal and sprint

Put three cones in a staggered pattern on the elbows extended. Start behind the baseline facing away from the court, backpedal to the foul line, turn, sprint around the three cones to the far foul line, turn and backpedal across the baseline.

Progression - vary the width of the cones.

b) High-speed sprint agility

Put a cone on the sideline at halfcourt and a cone in the middle of each halfcourt. From the bottom right corner, sprint around the three cones as fast as possible, finish at the far right corner.

(Progression - dribble around the cones)

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