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1 on 1
Florida finishing

Larry Shyatt

a) 2 and 3 are right next to and behind coach, who hands the ball to either player, it's one-on-one finishing, one shot only.

Players can try to block shots but not foul intentionally.

Option - play to a stop or score.
See 1 on 1 - From the top.

b) Players move out three steps on each side, coach bounce passes to either side for open-court finishing.
See 1 on 1 - Halfcourt.

c) Players stand next to coach, on "go" they sprint to touch the baseline dead centre, coach yells left or right and passes, whoever gets the ball attacks. Shyatt's rules are:

- two-dribble limit
- score 1 point for a jump shot, 3 points for a drive (players settle for jump shots when tired), 3 points for an offensive rebound (even after a make), play to 7.

Option - coach rolls the ball out, who is the first to the floor.

breakthroughbasketball.com - players touch the baseline then sprint to the right wing, limit the dribbles (3 at most), stay on the right side.

Bob Hurley - two players and coach start at halfcourt, the players are shoulder to shoulder facing the basket, on "go" they start running to the basket, coach calls "left" or "right", that signals which player pops out to the wing on his side for a pass, play live from there.
Xavier - coach says go, both players sprint to touch the baseline with a foot and sprint to their right, coach throws the ball, whoever gets it is on offence, 3-dribble limit.
Ryan Goodson - start at the foul line, sprint to touch a cone on the baseline, cut to the wing, the first player gets a pass, limit of 3 dribbles, make-it take-it (new players if there is no basket).
Kevin Eastman - start at the middle of the foul line, sprint to touch the baseline with one foot, cut out to the right wing area, the first player there gets a pass, play to a stop or score. For bigs, put a ball on a chair in the middle of the lane, start at the elbows.
Tony House - one player is the attacker, both players start on the elbows and sprint to the blocks, the attacker cuts to the wing on his side for a catch and shoot, progression - two dribbles max.

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