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Fast breaks
Spurs 2007

Gregg Popovich
(See YouTube video - My Favourite Drills and Motion Offence)

Motion offence used in transition. Coach doesn't call the plays, they are based on player and ball movement, and what the defence does.

Balancing the Floor

The first big (non-rebounder) goes to the ballside block, running a banana cut through the other elbow. He looks to seal his defender on his back in the lane for a pass from 2 (who may have to take one hard dribble), or bury (plant and pivot) for a pass from 1. 1, 2 and 3 are interchangeable, the trailer is at the top of the key.

The ball can be brought up either side. Passing up the sideline can be better than pushing the ball up, e.g., an outlet pass to 2 who headmans to 1. The wings run all the way down on fast breaks, come back out if they don't get the ball.

a) Strong

1 passes to trailer 4, walks down to set the first screen for 2, 5 ducks in, 2 walks his man down. On the pass to 3, 4 stagger screens with 1 for 2, 5 crosses the lane.

1 can make an early pass to 2 and cut to the ballside corner, exchanging positions in the motion attack.

Tubby Smith - 1 and 4 stagger screen on the pass to 3, also see the Bradley fast break.

On the pass to 2, 1 continues through using 3 and 5, then 3 goes to the corner. This is a three-man "gaggle", the three players stay on that side. They have licence to do what they want, e.g., 1 curls the double screen, 1 backscreens for 3, 3 slips, 5 ducks in.

(Option - if 2 is overplayed, 4 cuts to the high post for a pass, 2 backcuts)

Bradley - 1 cuts to the ballside corner (using 5) before 3 passes to 2.

2 first looks to the gaggle, if there is nothing then 2 and 4 have a two-man game on the other side. On a pass to 4 at the elbow, 2 cuts and goes all the to the rim, then comes back out, and can backcut if overplayed. 4 looks for a hand-off or fake hand-off to 2, then pivots inside. When 2 pops out, 4 looks to pass to 2 on a backcut, dribble hand-off with 2, or pass and pick and roll or pop, and the weakside post ducks in.

Hoop Tactics - 4 can ballscreen for 2.

Strong - first pass denied.

If denied anywhere on the court, go backdoor and continue in the direction you were going.

1 dribbles at 4, who backcuts.

New Jersey Nets offence - another option is a pass to 2. 5 backscreens for 1 then ballscreens for 2 while 4 pins down for 3 on the weakside.

5 picks and rolls, 4 gets out of the way.

See Larry Brown (dive fist), Tubby Smith (dive), also North Carolina (dive).

Strong - second pass denied.

3 backcuts, keeps going to the other wing, 1 replaces 3.

See North Carolina backdoor double - 3 backcuts and comes back out ballside, 1 and 5 stagger screen for 2 (also see Bill Self high-low motion).

4 dribble hand-offs with 2, 5 crosses the lane. 4 posts if 2 passes to 3.

Strong - variation.

Weird things are happening, e.g., defenders are switching, overplaying, fronting the post, going inside on the double screen.

Either 1 or 2 can slip to the ballside corner, then the other player cuts up using 4. Here 1 makes the baseline cut.

Bradley - 2 can use the stagger or cut baseline using 5 then 1 comes back out off 4.

If 5 is fronted, the cut by 1 takes away the help.

Now there is a loose gaggle on the other side. On the pass to 2, 3 downscreens for 1 (split on the gaggle).

b) Weak

1 passes to 2 and cuts through to the weakside block, then on the pass to 4 continues to the wing and 3 screens for (goes to get) 5.

See Tony Barone and Tubby Smith (through).

On a pass to 1, 4 downscreens for 3 (pick the picker).

Emir Mutapcic - 5 ballscreens for 1.

Tony Barone - 4 comes back out to pick and roll on a pass to 3, 5 replaces.

Weak - the pass to 1 is denied.

1 backcuts and keeps going, 4 dribble hand-offs with 2.

5 picks and pops.

c) Automatic

Anytime 1 passes to the corner and gets the ball back, it's an automatic "shake" - 4 goes to get 1, 5 crosses the lane. If 1 passes back to 2, 4 posts up.

Tubby Smith drag - 2 and 4 are denied, 1 calls for the ballscreen.

North Carolina dribble - 4 is denied, 1 looks at 4 and starts dribbling at him (or points to the ground), 4 ballscreens.

Billy Donovan - 4 ballscreens if there is no advance pass and X4 is back in the lane.

Dallas Mavericks - 5 can clear weakside and duck in, or stay ballside and replace as 4 rolls.

d) Post the trailer

2 screens for 4, who rolls to the rim or ballscreens for 1. 5 changes sides when he sees the screen. 2 spaces weakside on a pick and roll, 5 ducks in.

See North Carolina and Larry Brown (kickback).

New Jersey Nets - "rip" is called on the run. 4 ballscreens for 1 (rip-get) if X4 goes behind the backscreen. If instead 1 passes to 2 up top after the backscreen for 4, 5 comes out to ballscreen.

e) Loop series

1 calls "loop", the trailer moves away, 2 loops to the top. On the pass to 2, 5 backscreens for 1, 4 downscreens for 3, who curls it.

Variation - 5 and 1 also screen for 3, then 1 uses 4 (Dallas Mavericks, Hoop Tactics).

1 and 3 come together then pop one way or the other, 4 and 5 come to get them then roll back to the ball.

See Izzo quick strikes (loop series).

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