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Fast breaks
Florida 2006

Billy Donovan

Florida wants its offence to flow, without the point guard looking for coach to call a play each time, although coach will call out a play if someone is hot, there's a mismatch, or a defender is in foul trouble. Florida's transition concepts are pass the ball up the floor, play unselfishly, make the extra pass, and take shots you can make. By playing out of concepts and getting away from a pattern, you are difficult to scout. Read the defence and make a play.

On a missed shot, run the nearest lane (there could be two players on one side), on a made shot there are assigned lanes.

The point guard is always looking to advance pass upcourt if there is someone open, it may not be for a shot, it may lead to a post-up. If 1 advances he always clears through, 5 posts, 4 reads the defence.

If 4's man is back in the lane (e.g., to help on 5, 4 is not a three-point shooter), it's an automatic pick and roll, 4 steps back to the short corner, 5 rolls under the basket to the weakside for a duck-in. X4 is late showing on 2.

If 4's man is up on him (leaving 5 isolated) or 4 doesn't feel he has time for a pick and roll, reverse the ball quickly, 2 walks down to the baseline, 5 searches (follows the ball), 4 sets a wide pin-down screen for 2 (a two-man game). Florida never wants the ball on the wing, where there are defenders two passes away, they want it on the elbow or alley, so 3 dribbles to the middle to take away helpside. Look for a slip by 4, 2 curling for a shot or dump-down pass to 4.

Jeff Bauer - enter the ball to the side of shooter 2, swing the ball, bring it back to the shooter using a screen (take and return).

LSU fast break - 4 reads X2, if he goes ballside, 4 takes a step to screen him in and 2 flares; if X2 trails, 4 holds his screen. The cutter should catch behind the screener's back.


In a 2004 DVD on transition and conditioning drills, Donovan has 1 cut through to the opposite corner if he advances the ball and is denied. 5 posts up on the pass to 4, then searches and posts all the way across the lane as the ball is reversed to 3. 4 goes right into a pick and roll, 5 comes out behind 4, 3 looks for the roll guy.

Euro ballscreen attack - if 3 is denied, 4 dribbles at X3 for a backcut and can then pass to 1 and ballscreen, or dribble hand-off.

Tod Kowalczyk - 3 backdoor cuts and keeps going as soon as 4 makes eye contact, then 4 drives for a dribble hand-off with 1. Optionally 3 screens for 1 then backcuts.

Mark Few - anytime a big catches the ball up top it's an automatic pass and follow with a ballscreen.

If 3 throws it back to 5 replacing, 4 posts up, 5 can reverse it to 1 and pick and roll, 3 and 2 can exchange.

See Florida 2005.


Donovan has 5 run to set a flat ballscreen for 3. He loves a flat ballscreen because the defence has to go deep under it to get through, and if the ballscreen is overplayed, it is easy to switch the angle to catch the defence. 4 sprints to the short corner if he is a non-shooter (shown) and 2 lifts, or 2 flarescreens if 4 is a shooter.

Mark Few - run two different ballscreens, regular (chest to the sideline) and flat (if you guess and show on one side, the screener will just pivot to switch the angle and you're burned). Emphasize a dead sprint to ballscreen by the bigs. Anytime a big catches the ball up top it's an automatic pass and follow to ballscreen. Fill guy 1 is as important as the ballhandler or screener in a ballscreen offence, as his defender helps on 5's roll, he fills up back behind the screen. If you see the ball going away from you on a ballscreen, you can't stand, you're the fill guy, move up behind the spot where the screen was set. A 4 that can shoot in the fill spot is extremely dangerous. Few doesn't like his guards to split a high hedge because it's a high-risk move, he would rather have them "Stockton pivot" when trapped, pivoting off the inside foot, moving the high leg past the guard and throwing a bounce pass to the roll man.
(Comment - a flat or butt ballscreen on the side makes more sense if the ballside corner is empty, see Bill Self ballscreen offence)

If there is no advance pass and 4's man is back in the lane, 4 picks for 1 and pops (4 calls 1's name and puts up a fist). 5 stays (on any middle ballscreen), if X4 shows on 1 and X5 helps in the lane, look for a pass to 4 for a hi-lo pass to 5. Florida has a series of things they will do if the defence switches, traps, or hard shows on the ballscreen.

Larry Brown - 1 calls for the ballscreen by 4.

North Carolina - 4 ballscreens if denied.

If there is no pick and roll, 4 sets a wide pin-down screen for 3 then posts (1 can tell 4 to go screen). 3 always goes to the baseline.

Florida 2005 - 3 can reject the screen and cut baseline using 5.

Baseline runner - if there is no shot or pass inside after the pin-down (or ballscreen), 5 and 4 stagger screen for baseline runner 2. The first screener flashes up the lane, 1 goes wide. 2 can curl, pop or fade. If 2 curls for a pass and X4 shows too much, look for a baseline dump-down pass to 4.

On a pass to 5, 1 backcuts, 3 comes for a hand-off, 2 moves up.

5 dribble hand-offs with 2. If 5 rolls, 4 replaces.

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