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Fast breaks
Florida 2005

Billy Donovan

In transition, 4 sets a wide pin-down for 3, this is a cut to initiate offence not necessarily a scoring cut.

1 passes to 3 and cuts to the ballside corner (a scoring cut) using a backscreen at the foul line from 5, forcing X5 to help on a screen then defend a pick and roll. 1 will bump and fade if his defender goes ballside of the screen.

3 catches on the arc, 4 turns and posts.

5 picks and rolls on a ballscreen to the middle of the floor, 4 replaces. 1 doesn't want to pass to 5 rolling, there is too much traffic, pass to 4 replacing and let him throw it inside.

basketballcoachingnotes.blogspot.com - Donovan calls this play Down, Down Out is the same play except that 4 heads to the corner after the pin-down and 1 runs the fill, circling up behind the ballscreen. A 4 that can shoot creates so many opportunities for your team.

On a pass to 4, 5 reverse pivots to seal for a hi-lo pass, then steps off weakside on reversal to 1, who walks his man in and pops to the wing. 4 can ballscreen and roll to the short corner, 5 ducks in hard with his top leg. 3 and 2 can exchange.

3 can instead fake using 4's pin-down and run the baseline using 5, 2 runs across the foul line.

5 screens above the block so there is enough room for 3 to bump and fade, the point guard has to be able to make the pass on a fade.

If 3 tight curls, 5 will step back to the baseline looking for a throw-back on a pass to 3. 5 anticipates the curl if X3 goes under the screen.

If 3 fades and gets a pass, 5 seals. When X3 goes over the screen, 5 starts to flash, stepping up the lane with his right foot, creating more room for a seal, and reverse pivots on his right foot if there is a pass to 3.

Dave Smart - If xcutter chases, cutter 3 curls tight (a collision with xscreener), screener 5 steps off to a 21 position, his back to the baseline, looking for a pass over the top from 1. If there is no pass to 2 or 5, the screener vacates to the perimeter if he is a shooter, otherwise he sets a second screen for the cutter to vacate. If xcutter goes ballside (gaps), the screener readjusts with a reverse pivot on his bottom (right) foot, then posts to the point, ducking up and in with his right foot to create a better angle for a pass from 3, and reverse pivots on the right foot on a pass to 3.
Tony Barone - 5 sets the screen in the middle of the lane line, 3 curls to the elbow if his defender chases, if he curls into the lane his defender can catch up and there is a shot blocker. Don't pop to the wing, there is not enough pressure on the defence. The screener steps out to 17 feet along the baseline looking for a pass from the top. If X3 shoots the gap, 3 pushes the screener into his path and fades for a pass.

If 3 fades and does not get a pass, 5 will flash to the elbow for a pass, 3 cuts backdoor, 1 can cut for a hand-off then go to the wing, and 5 could dribble-hand-off with 2.

On a pass to 3, 1 clears weakside, pushing 2 down. 5 can ballscreen if 3 doesn't have a shot (3 can call for the ballscreen, e.g. put the ball between his legs). 5 first comes up the lane, clearing the baseline for 3 and making space for a slip if his defender shows high. 3 will come off the screen with two dribbles (one dribble, hesitate, another to create space).

Or 5 cross-screens for 4 then flashes high.

On ball reversal, 5 pins down for 3, who walks his man down then shortens the distance to his defender before coming off the screen shoulder to shoulder.

1 dribbles middle so there is no helpside.
The ending is the same as before. 5 will step back to the baseline if 3 curls. If X5 shows on 3 (5 doesn't see him out of the corner of his inside eye), 5 slips to the basket for an over-the-top pass from 1, who first ball fakes. Screening at the second marker (above the block) leaves room for a slip.
See Fast break - Florida 3 on 0.

"Gator" option

1 cuts off 5's backscreen but not to the ballside corner.

Instead 1 cross-screens for 4, 5 ballscreens then downscreens for 1. 3 may pass to 2 with a better passing angle into 4.

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