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Pasquali 5-ball

Renato Pasquali via Ian MacKinnon

5 balls, minimum 7 players, extra players are at the outlet positions. 1 passes to 2 for a layup, then 1 and 3 get passes from 4 and 5 and shoot.

1 and 3 rebound their shots and go the outlet positions. 2 rebounds his layup and outlets to 5 or 4, who call "outlet" for the ball. The outlet receiver makes a C or banana cut to the middle, 2 runs wide after the pass. 4 who didn't get the outlet pass runs wide on the other side and gets a pass from 5 for a layup. 2 and 5 get passes from 6 and 7 for shots.

Have 2 and 4 run outside cones or coaches to stay wide.

Going the other way, 2 and 5 rebound their shots and go to the outlet positions, 4 rebounds his layup and outlets to 7 (or 6), 4 and 6 go wide, 7 passes to 6 for a layup, 4 and 7 get passes for shots.

Keep score, any make is +1, a missed layup is -2, optionally any turnover is -1, go for two minutes.

John Calipari's Laker drill is the same except that passers are on the baselines not the sidelines, see Shooting - 5 ball.

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