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5 ball

John Calipari - Laker drill

3 yells "outlet" to get the ball, throws it ahead to 2 for a layup (it's always two passes), 2 takes a dribble if he has to, 1 and 3 shoot off passes from 7 and 8.
Hurley 5-ball - one pass, 1 outlets, 3 takes a layup, outlets and keeps going.

1 and 3 rebound their shots and replace 7 and 8. Layup shooter 2 rebounds his shot and outlets to 7 or 8 calling for the outlet (there's no inbounds pass), the outlet receiver passes ahead for a layup and chases his pass to shoot.

8 will rebound his layup and go upcourt with passers 4 and 5 (there is no middle line).

Make 85 baskets in 4 minutes, or 40 in 2 minutes.

(Option - keep going to make the logical outlet pass, here from 2 to 7 after a right-hand layup, then from 8 to 5 after a left-hand layup, alternating sides)

Jamie Dixon - only two passes upcourt, the shooter rebounds, two passes coming back.

Steve Nash Youth Basketball - break-out dribble progression - if a layup is missed the rebounder dribbles up the middle of the floor, passes when one of the wings is ahead of the ball.

Ian MacKinnon - 2 and 8 have to run wide, outside cones (or coaches). Score 1 point for any basket, minus 2 (or 5) points for a turnover or missed layup, get plus 40 or 50 in four minutes or run. Variations
- on a missed layup, stop the clock, everybody gets on the baseline and runs a down and back, then resume
- baseline passers skip pass to the opposite shooter
- perimeter shooters make a putback on a miss.

Aaron Blakely - always outlet to the player on the left (for right-hand layups).
Jamie Carey - 415 - goal is 100 buckets in 4:15, the two passers for shots call "outlet" and "runner", the outlet steps into the middle for an outlet pass and is the first shooter at the other end (the outlet passer will shoot second), so the passer to the outlet for a shot should be the runner coming back.

See Shooting - Florida 5-ball, Pasquali 5-ball (the same drill except passers are on the sidelines).up

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