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Grinnell run the floor

Dave Arseneault

5 on 0 fullcourt back and forth until they score 30 points, with 2 points for a layup and 3 points behind the arc, shoot until you score. Every player must shoot once before any player can shoot a second time. Everyone except the shooter offensive rebounds and must get both feet inside the lane before they can begin a return trip. The shooter rotates to the top of the key for a kick-out pass after an offensive rebound. The point guard announces the score after every make or they go back to 0. Use 3 groups of 5 players.


- in two minutes or repeat, and only one shot at each basket
- everyone must shoot twice before anyone can shoot three times etc.
- the best shooter can release early on a shot without rebounding.
(Other variations)
- use a designated short safety who rotates to the top of the key
- no short safety.
See Fast break - Beep-beep, Layups - And Twos.

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